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The 10 best beaches in Morocco

Morocco is a strategically fortunate country and one of the most attractive destinations in the world for its stunning landscapes, from the Sahara desert to the Atlas Mountains and the countryside, to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In summary, there is a geographical diversity for all tastes, including lovers of the sea, since it offers 1,902 km of clear coast and golden beaches. In addition to the resorts for swimmers and sun worshipers, some, like Taghazout in Agadir and Dakhla, are an ideal place for surfing.

Here, then, a list of the 10 best beaches in the country, prepared for you by MOROCCO TRAVEL lAND

1 The dragon beach in Dakhla

In southern Morocco, between the Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, Drago is a desert island that evokes the shape of a dragon lying on its stomach. In this place, compared to the Caribbean islands, there is no trace of life, only the vast sand dunes and white sands. It is ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and cruising.

2 Taghazout Beach – Agadir

Taghazout Beach, which is called the beach at 25 kilometers, because it is only 25 km from the city of Agadir, and is also known worldwide as a beach very suitable for surfing, where surfers from all over the world meet during the “surf season” to dedicate to his sport. In addition, it is a family beach and a place that, in addition to great waves, also provides good fish.

3 Quemado Beach – Al Hoceima

We always stay in the north, but we will move east, as the city of Al Hoceima faces Quemado beach, which offers an exceptional view. This beach is the best beach in the city and is the most popular among summer visitors. In addition, it is equipped with beachfront resorts such as Quémado and Hôtel Mohamed V.

4 The beach for parents

South of El Jadida, the coastal town of Oualidia is frequented mainly by Moroccans. It is a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for 3 km. In addition to swimming, you can practice various water sports. The beach is known as a destination for food lovers as the place to eat the best Moroccan oysters.

5 Dalia Beach in Tangier

In Tangier, in the north of Morocco, towards the Strait of Gibraltar, is the beautiful beach of Ain Dalia. It is characterized by its pure white sand, turquoise water and its waves that breathe peace and tranquility. On the other hand, you can walk in the green meadows. A calm and rural environment that its beauty cannot resist.

6 Legzira the red beach of Sidi Ifni

Legzira beach seduces visitors with its golden sand, surrounded by majestic slopes hit by the waves. But when the sun sinks into the ocean, the beach reveals its most beautiful colors. Tempting red arches carved into the abyss and then take on a rosy hue that shines in the last rays of the day. A natural spectacle that will remain among the most beautiful you will see in Morocco.

7 The Blue Pearl of the Mediterranean beach in Saidia

Saidia, known as the “Blue Pearl of the Mediterranean”, is a small town located on the border with Algeria and near Oujda, in the northeast. Its 15 km of coastline offer one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The city attracts tourists from all over Morocco and abroad.

8 Uade Lao Beach

The Lao Valley and its beautiful beach are located near the city of Tetouan, just forty kilometers away, with its beautiful sand and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by mountains, it is an exceptional destination, as it is a good idea to enjoy the sea and the surrounding landscape. With corridors, shops and restaurants. As for the prices, they are cheap and available to everyone, you can enjoy without worrying about the expenses, after all with the MoneyGram service from post offices, your family can send you money from more than 12000 post offices around the world. world. Italy Wad Lau Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the Kingdom.

9 The beach of the caves in Asilah

Las Cuevas, also known as “Rmilat” or “Paradise Beach”, is located a few kilometers south of Asilah. It can be reached by car, and also on foot from the heart of Asilah, then you can also enjoy the green views of the ocean. This beach is quiet during the week, but it is very busy on summer weekends. Small temporary restaurants, thatched huts, umbrellas, and wooden relaxation chairs (for just 2-3 euros a day).

10 The white beach of Guelmim

It is a beach located in the south of Morocco, in front of the Canary archipelago. Spanish sailors called it “Playa Blanca”, and they are right, given that it is covered forty kilometers of white sand dunes. “Playa Blanca” is the longest beach in Morocco, where it is difficult to reach due to its location, but those who managed to reach it are rewarded with calm and a feeling of isolation, a real escape, where silence only breaks the sound of waves.