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Visiting Morocco entails a series of amazing destinations and sights to see, either by yourself or with a tour guide . However, in a lot of cases people only visit the popularized areas and touristic hotspots, leaving out many interesting and creative things to do in Morocco. Due to their unique nature, these attractions are not very known therefore hard to come by in usual touristy itineraries. For this reason, we’ve accumulated these 6 unique and creative things to do in Morocco and see while on your next trip to Morocco. Enjoy!

1-Cactus Thiemann, Marrakech:

The first creative and out of the norm thing that we suggest is a visit to the cacti farm “Cactus Thiemann”. This botanical garden-like farm was founded in the 60’s by the German agricultural engineer Hans Thiemann just outside the entrance of Marrakech city, specializing in growing and selling cacti and succulents. The lay-out and tidiness of the 17 acres farm (the largest of its kind in Africa) gives it an irresistible look which mostly attracts visitors looking for a picture-perfect spot for photographs.

If you have some free time during your next visit to Marrakech, we highly recommend that you stop by the garden and appreciate the sight of lined up cacti and other perfectly placed plants, standing tall against the desert landscape surrounding Marrakech city.

2-The Portuguese Cistern, El Jadida:

As you may or may not already know, some parts of Morocco were occupied by the Portuguese back during the 15th century, which left behind many interesting historical monuments from that era. The one we’re going to focus on today is the Portuguese Cistern of El Jadida. The cistern is located underground of the Fortress of Mazagan, and was built back then to replace a warehouse or armory.

What’s so unique about this attraction is that the cistern’s floor is actually covered in a thin layer of water, which reflects the walls and pillars of the cistern with the help of some light peeking through a window in the ceiling. This creates an ethereal vibe to the whole place making it worth your time and visit!

3-The Tinmel Mosque, the High Atlas:

When planning your trip to Morocco, we’re sure you must have already heard of the Hassan II mosque, the Koutoubia mosque or other interesting mosques. However, the chances of you hearing about the Tinmel mosque are probably slim, so here’s a brief overview about it. First of all, the mosque is located in a remote Berber village with the same name, at the heart of the High Atlas Mountains. It is fairly easy to find, at just one hundred kilometers away from Marrakech (the visit makes a nice day trip from Marrakech

Unlike most other mosques in Morocco and the Islamic world, the Tinmel mosque is actually open to non-Muslims to visit and explore. This is due to the historical value that the mosque holds, being the last remnant from the capital of the Moroccan Almohad dynasty during the 12th century. Today, the mosque has been repaired and is still standing strong in all its glory with its carved arcs, strong pillars and traditionally decorated gate.

4-Gas Haven, Ouarzazate:

One of the most unique and creative things to do in Morocco is to visit this remote and spooky shooting location right outside Ouarzazate city. This old American style diner and gas station were used as shooting props for the 2006 Wes Craven horror movie “the hills have eyes”. The Gas Haven is located along the main highway from Ouarzazate, making it super easy to find if you’re planning to visit.

The fact that this site lies abandoned near Ouarzazate should not come as a surprise at all, since the city itself is known as the “Hollywood of Morocco” where many big directors come to shoot their movies. Regardless of the fact that this location is definitely more on the weird and bizarre side of things, we think it’s definitely worth a visit for all the potential it has.

5-The garden of the Hesperides, Larache:

It’s common knowledge that Morocco was home to many Roman towns and settlements back during the peak of the Roman Empire, which left behind many Roman ruins and archeological locations to enjoy today. However, today, we’re not talking about the famous Volubilis. If you’re looking for more creative things to do in Morocco, we suggest Volubilis’ sister: Lixus town, more specifically the garden of the Hesperides.

If you’re familiar with Greek mythology, you should remember the garden of the Hesperides from the tales of Hercules’ 12 labors. This garden was said to contain the trees where the golden apples of wisdom would grow, a great serpent guarding them, and the evening nymphs looking after them. The reason why many people choose to visit this location is to reconnect with the past and enjoy the magical beauty of this enchanting garden.

6-The dead tree sculptures, Marrakech:

Marrakech city offers an endless variation of attractions and creative things to do for its visitors, but one of the more unique ones is this set of sculptures in the city’s modern part of town: Gueliz. Moulayhafid Taqouraite is the main artist who, with the help of a group of local artists, turned these dead eucalyptus trees into living pieces of art. Every tree out of the set is carved and sculpted in a different way, each showcasing a unique sculpture.

These sculptures are only a small (but creative nonetheless) example of the city’s active local art scene. A new generation of Moroccan artists is on the rise, who marry modern and traditional to come up with unique pieces lining up the city’s walls and streets.

Overall, these were just a few of the many unusual and creative to do in Morocco, and the only way for you to discover all the rest of them is to visit and see them for yourself. Knowing how Morocco is a generous country in terms of what it offers to its visitors, we’re sure you will definitely find activities and things that you’ll enjoy.