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Information about Sania Ramel Airport in Tetouan (chefchaouen airport)

Sania El Raml Airport in Tetouan(chefchaouen airport) is one of the oldest airports in Morocco, which established since 1913; and it delivered to Morocco in April 1967 to supervised by the National Airports Office since January 1991.

Since that date, the National Office of Airports in Tetouan, it has made important achievements; which enabled improving services and simplifying all problems while exploiting it; as it can accommodate 300,000 passengers per year; Tetouan Airport has become a maion domestic airport that meet all international standards in The field of air navigation.

Where it has all the necessary means and equipment capable of performing the role assigned to it for the regulation of all flights and the reception of various types of aircraft; including large-size Boeing 737 aircraft with all its types and Airbus 320.

In spite of the huge investments

In spite of the huge investments that were pumped into this airport, we note that the air traffic is moderate; as well as the liquidity of flights, despite its presence in a region that includes Tetouan Strait Fnideq regions; Chefchaouen and Larache.

Is an area with an important population density; that does not hide its importance in the national economic fabric in view For its promising role in the field.

And the airport has known for many years, several projects that concerned various facilities and equipment; including the extension of the airport runway from 1700 to 2300 m; the construction of the airport fence along 09 km; and the construction of runway lighting devices that enabled the airport to be used at night; with the construction and equipping of the electricity transmission center.

The completion of an air-conditioned station on an area of ​​1200 m; and equipped with all security equipment and baggage registration. In addition to renewing the control tower equipment and technical facilities; and providing the airport with a DME distance meter and a VOR navigator, and other necessary equipment.

Goals that the airport

One of the goals the airport envisages achieving is to contribute to the tourism activation of the Tetouan city; and surarrounded cities of the region, and to stimulate air traffic in the region as a whole.

Air navigation at Sania Raml Airport is based mainly on the internal lines provided by the Royal Air Maroc Company; especially those that link the city of Tetouan Al Hoceima and Casablanca back and forth every Wednesday; Friday every week. In addition to other non-regular lines CHARTEV for the benefit of tourists of the Mediterranean Club; and the REGIONAL AIR France .

HOF- TREN REVIR, CORENDOU lines for the transportation of Moroccans residing in Amsterdam; and JETAIR FLY for the transportation of cotton expatriates in Liege.

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