Tangier is one of the best destinations that you will be visiting in Morocco. For that reason, our professional team has organized some tours that tourists frequently book with us. Besides to that we provide tangier walking tour and desert tours From Tangier, we also suggest organized group and private desert trips. If you are interesting to begin your tour from Tangier, you can have a quick look a these tours down below. Therefore, In case they do not fit your needs, you can contact us and organize your own program.

Morocco desert tours from Tangier’s destinations:

Tangier: From our Tangier Private tours we propose for you the opportunity to visit the amazing Tangier. The white city is one of the important cities to visit in Morocco. As of its own special Strategy location, it has a big huge interesting role in the world. By being the gate between three continents that makes it a rich city with different traders and visitors from all over the world. Not to forget that it is the first property of the USA that is Tangier. In this trip, we will absolutely take you to visit the main interesting places and spots. First, like any city of Morocco, in Tangier, there is one of the best and tallest mosque. The Mosque is originally a Roman temple to worship. In the early 18th century, after the Portuguese colonization, it was changed to be a church. After that, it faced different other conversions from church to mosque and vice versa. In the end, it was set as a mosque and named by the Grand Mosque of Tangier. Morocco is the first country tha has recognize the independece of the USA as a nation and the first property of the USA out of its land was in Morocco. As a result, they created the American Legation Museum. Once you enter this amazing place it will take you back to the ancient times and give you a strange different feeling. Tangier is home to many beautiful sites, our desert tours will take you to explore other different places like Tangier’s famous Kasbah and the Saint Andrew’s Church.

From our desert tours from Tangier will take you to visit Chefchaouen:

From our desert tours from Tangier, be ready and prepared to discover one of the most gorgeous and colorful cities in Morocco. Chefchaouen city is one of the most wanted attractions in Morocco. With its blue walls that reflects the sky and white colors that reflects the clouds in the city, Chaouen become a popular destination when people are  booking Tangier desert tours. people from this city said to be painted in blue color to get rid of insects such as mosquitoes. On the other side people say that the Jewish colored it in blue. Because the city was built by the Jewish people from that the blue color refers to heaven and make them more close to God. In general, nowadays the local people of Chefchaouen are still repainting the walls in blue, and do that every once or twice a years in a reason to keep it attractive. Apart from that, when traveling to Chaouen / Chefchaouen most people fall in love with it and wish to benefit more time to visit every single street or route. Some go for hiking on the Rif mountains and enjoy the perfect view from a different dimensions point.

Desert trip from Tangier via Fes

Fes the cultural city and one of the four Imperial cities in Morocco. Was founded during the period of the Idrisi dynasty in 788 by Idriss I. Fes is one of the most oldest capital in Morocco and was home to different civilizations. Each one has left a deep impact on the city’s history and gave it a unique touch and special beauty. From our desert tours and trips from Tangier is your opportunity to see and visit many beautiful places. Normally, we begin by visiting the old Madina with a guide. From the old Medina, you will discover different things from small markets to narrow colorful streets. After that, we drive to discover the oldest tanneries in Fes called the Chouara tannery. Constructed in the early of 11th century in the oldest street of the city Fes. Every tourist who is visiting Fes must stop by this unique typical place where they produce and make leather products. The amazing thing is that the locals are still using spices such as curuma and paprica  and other typical ways to color their products. Another place that you should visit is the first and oldest university in the world. Al-Qarawiyyin was built as a religious Quranic institution in 858. The Moroccans name it Al Madrassa which means the school. This university was the educational center of all Muslims around the world. However, Within few years, they began to teach other subjects such as French and English languages, besides to many other scientific subjects like Math and Physics. Both for men and women were attending the classes that the Sheikhs provide. The true fact about this place is that it was created and built by a rich woman called Fatima Fihriya, that gives great impact for this country, and the importance and respect of women in our society. In total, the city of Fes offers many other beautiful sightseeings to visit and things to do. To visit more about them, contact us to book for your desert tours from Tangier!

Desert from Tangier tour guide and Meknes

Meknes is one of the Moroccan Imperial city that we organize tours to desert from Tangier. Although it is a bit less visited by tourists, it has many attractive places and spots that worth to visit. For instant the interesting gate of Bab Mansour, one of the largest special doors in Morocco. The city of Meknes was found by Almorabits who surrounded it by a great long wall and designed it as a military base. In Meknes, you will visit one of the longest and largest complicated underground prisons, Qara Prison. Locals say that it reaches from Meknes to the city of Fes. And they say that who goes inside gets lost and never come back until this present day because the prison is designed in the shape of a maze or puzzle. Furthermore, we are going to take you to discover the second biggest square in Morocco. Lhdim Square is a place where people gather to enjoy different shows. You will see many different  storytellers and charmers representing their shows. Not far from this big square we will take you on a visit to the Sahrij Swani. A basin in the center of the Medina. Close to it, there is Lahri Swani, a place where they used to hide food and goods like grains and cereals. Volubilis is the Roman ruins. This attraction is located between Fes and Meknes, near the town of Moulay Driss Zerhour. Moreover, the ruins were the administrative center of Mauritania. Unfortunatly , it is destroyed in the 18th century by the Portuguese earthquake. However, there are many of the buildings still left and it is protected by the UNESCO heritage.

On our desert tours we take you to visit Ifrane and the cedar forest of Azrou.

Ifrane is called the Switzerland city of Morocco. People come to snowboard and to enjoy the weekends with their children and enjoy the snow. Ifrane was made since the French colonial and there is a statue of the atlas lion in the main central park of the city. This lion was carved by a german prisoner in order to get his freedom. It is the first finest city in Morocco and the 8th in the world. The cedar forest in Azrou is a camping area and a place to discover Morocco’s wild animals. There are many animals, the ones you can find are Macaque Barbary monkeys, they like to play with and be feed with bananas and nuts or peenuts. Furthermore, there are deers but unlucky, we can’t see them because they are afraid of people and we can’t go further more inside the forest as there is a fence to protect the animals.

Tangier desert tours we take you to explore Merzouga sahara desert.

Merzouga is the highlight of our Casablanca, Tangier, Fes and Marrakech  tours. You can camel ride and go camping at Berber camps. Merzouga is a small town in the south-east, it is known by its Erg Chebbi golden sand dunes and the Gnawa people.  If you come to visit Morocco, you must not miss the opportunity to visit this enormous place. From our Morocco two week program and other tours, you will be happy to spend two days here. Therefore, you will have a full experience where we take you to explore the nomads who live in tents with simple needs. Also, we will be able to take you to visit the Srij lake where the immigrant flamingos exist. Not to forget, there is a Mine of salt and Kohl (Mascara), it is also a wonderful place to explore.

From Tangier Visiting Erfoud and Rissani :

Erfoud is a small city near Merzouga. It is also a interesting visiting area with our tours from Tangier. People come every October of each year to attend the international festival of dates of 3 days carnival. As well, the city is known for its mineral fossils like trilobites. The city of Rissani is the main capital city of the Tafilalet region. Here, the Touaregs used to travel 55 days from Tombouctou to trade their goods like salt and mascara with other things. Also, now this is the market for the close towns, Merzouga like an example. The Alaouit dynasty are originally from Rissani before they move to live in the big cities. Furthermore, Rissani is the only city where there is the parking of the donkeys to be rent or buy or even sell or trade for house needs. Furthermore, Rissani is known with the speacial pitta bread (Berber Pizza) they call it Madfouna. The city has a big large gate like the gate in Fes but a little bit different in the architectural design.

From Tangier desert tours you will discover 3 main different valleys:

Morocco is a country of diversity with three different valleys offering different special products. Therefore, from our ali tangier tours, we offer you tours via most of them.

• Ourika Valley: about 45km from Marrakech. Tourists do only one day excursion from Marrakech to benefit from the cool fresh air and to skip from the noise of the city.

Ziz Valley: One of Morocco’s largest long valley of dates palm trees. It is near Errachidia, Merzouga desert and Erfoud about two hours drive. Also, there is a new national Airport at Errachidia, not pretty far from the valley it is in the center of Errachidia.

Daraa Valley: This valley is a big valley of dates in Morocco. We usually cross by it when driving from Marrakech to Merzouga through ait Saouen village. And when traveling from Marrakech toward Zagora desert.

From our tours from Tanger, you will visit Ouarzazate.

Ouarzazate is the Hollywood of Morocco. That’s why they call it Ouallywood because there is atlas studios. There is an international airport nearby where famous actors land because they can’t drive from Marrakech via The High Atlas Mountains. Moreover, this city means in Berber language the city without noise, the word Ouarzazate contains two sections (Ouar) means without and (Zazate) means noise. Moreover, this city is also known for the Kasbah of Taourirt, and the word Kasbah is coming from the word Ksab that means bamboo. That is to say, the roofs of the Kasbah is made out of the bamboo. Not to forget, Ouarzazate has 4 studios where they make movies and rent materials to make others in the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. Furthermore, parts of the movies and movies The Living Daylights and Lawrence of Arabia were shot here. Also, the movies Asterix and Obilix also The Sahara and Cleopatra. 

One of the interesting Kasbahs you will explore from our travel package from Tangier is Ait Benhaddou:

Ait Benhaddou  got a Kasbah that  is the largest and the biggest Kasbah in Morocco. Many tourists come to hike up for the panoramic view from the top of the Castle. Also, they come to discover it and get to know how it is specifically built. To begin with, this beautiful monument is a stop for the Berber Touaregs who used to travel from Tombouctou to trade Salt. Furthermore, there is a river there called Ouad El Maleh. In other way, salt or the river of salt. The place where they trade their salt and other goods like mascara. Moreover, the Kasbah has about 8 floors at the top, there is a room where they conserve all those goods for other travelers.  Not to forget, the famous producers from film industry rent materials at the studios of Ouarzazate to come here and shoot movies. For example, they shot the famous movie Gladiator and Sahara. Also, they made some parts of There are many other movies they made here. It is a very famous destination not to skip when visiting the Kasbah. Sodom And Gomorrah in 1963 The Message in  1976 Jesus of Nazareth in 1977 Our requested Journeys from Tangier can take you there and visit it with a local guide hiking for around an hour. 

The High Atlas Mountains:

The Atlas Mountains are three different  types. The high, the middle, and the small. The middle ones are between Merzouga sahara desert and Fes, the high is between Ouarzazate and Marrakech called Tizi-N-Tichka. Then, the small is more in the southern side, coming from Agadir to Ouarzazate. Moreover, the High Atlas mountains are where the highest point, it’s in Toubkal with an altitude of 4160m (13648ft). These mountains got the reason why it is dry in Sahara and wet, green in the west. That is to say, they block the clouds from moving to the east side of the country. Therefore, it does rain very late in the Sahara desert. Not to forget, coming from Marrakech to the sahara desert, you will pass by Tizi-n-Tichka, the fastest road to cross the mountains. From our tours from Marrakech, about 70 min drive in the Atlas mountains, there is a cooperative of argan oil, one of the phenomenal attractions to visit. 

Desert tours to Zagora from Tangier 

From our trips from Tangier, you are not only going to visit the sahara desert of Merzouga but as well of Zagora. For that, you will be able to book a big tour from Tangier to the desert of Zagora. And, you can do the camel riding and go to spend the night in the camp. Moreover, many tourists are frustrated once they arrive there because they expect the Sand dunes. The night in the camp and camel trekking are better at the Erg Chebbi Dunes of Merzouga. In Zagora desert, there are several nomads around who have female camels next to the baby camels, and they try to milk them. Then, they sell the camel milk to many locals and tourists because it is healthy. On our way to Zagora, there is a big valley of dates from palm trees, it is where the majority of dates fruits come from in Morocco.


Marrakech is a must worthy visit city with our Tangier desert tours. 

From our holidays from Tangier finish in the touristic city of Marrakech.  Most of the tourists start or finish their tour in Marrakech. And Marrakech is the biggest touristic city in Morocco that gets the a huge number of tourists. Moreover, it is the fourth biggest city in Morocco. Marrakech or Amurakuch is a Berber word which means the Land of God. And it is one of Morocco’s imperial cities. In other way, it was the capital city during the rulement of the Almorabit dynasty. Marrakech is full of many attractions that tourists like to visit.

First, The Majorelle garden: This garden is named after the French artist Jhon Jack Majorelle. It took him around 40 years to finish it, he started since 1923. next to it there is a museum call Saint Laurant. Then, he opened it for the public with a specific fee needed to enter the garden.

Second, The Menara Garden: This garden is located in south-west of Marrakech, it was built in the early 12th century, and it is the Menara with a pool in front of it. And the name Menara means light-house.

Third, Koutoubia mosque: as known, the mosque where Muslims worship Allah (God). This one is the biggest and tallest in Marrakech, it is near the big square of Jamaa El fan. Even it is forbidden for none Muslims to enter this mosque, it is an attraction to take pictures from the outside only.

Fourth, Jamaa El Fna: It is considered the main attraction to visit in Marrakech.Moreover, you can not go to Marrakech without visiting the square. People make shopping and where people entertain tourists, it is where the snakes and monkey’s charmers exist. 

Group and private desert tours from Tangier to Essaouira 

Essaouira is also another big city to visit with our desert tours from Tangier. In this city, people travel to during the summer season to benefit from the beach, it is warm around 30°C. Moreover, Essaouira is a wonderful place to discover during the winter season, people try to enjoy the fresh seafood. Not to forget, Essaouira is known by Mogador the name of the Moroccan wind city. Therefore, there are many stuffs to do in the city. For example, the visit to the port of Citadel and Sqala that are very interesting to visit and have pictures with some canons and the structure of the wall architecture. Moreover, tourists or moroccan people come to visit the old Medina because it is a heritage that is protected by the Unesco. You probably will hear the word Mogador when visiting Essaouira, which means in Hebrew Magdol That signifies the small fortress. Our team Morocco travel Land can offer too tangier tour from spain.

  • How long is the train from Tangier to Marrakech?

The 567 kilometer train trip from Tangier to Marrakesh lasts around 5 hours and 49 minutes. This involves an approximately one-hour stopover on average. The Tangier to Marrakech train service is run by Moroccan Railways (ONCF) and travels from Tangier to Marrakech.

  • Can you do a day trip to Morocco from Spain?

The best choice if you want a completely organized day excursion from Spain to Morocco is to go on a tour with a company that will handle everything.
You can reserve one of the numerous different trips that travel between the nations in advance.

  • Can you ride camels in Tangier?

You will exit the main part of the city and head to Hercules’ Cave. There are camel drivers on the road and on the beach. Before riding the camel, it is advisable to negotiate about the cost and time of the trip.