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Essaouira is a UNESCO world heritage site. Some archeological findings suggest that people have been living on this spot since 200,000 years ago. However, the city was officially founded during the 16th century by the Portuguese. They were the ones who built the ramparts and some of the castles. During the 18th century, King Mohammed Beb Abdellah hired a French architect to redesign the city to be a European center of trade. The present Essaouira is the product of that French architect. The city is very popular all over the world. The surfers like it for its windy shores. Additionally, it’s a place that was visited a lot in the hippie movement of the 60s; Jimi Hendrix was there. It’s also a filming spot for Game of Thrones. Many dedicated fans go to Essaouira to see ‘Slaver’s Bay’. Morocco Travel Land does not miss the chance and organizes surely visits to this place.

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