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Honeymoon tours in Morocco

The splendor of tourism lies in the alleys of Morocco; as this country which is located in North Africa, takes you to another world; with a sophisticated mixture that combines breathtaking places, ancient heritage, and nice people.

Landscapes are many, and hotels are not only amazing, they are also keen to provide value. It is a distinctive entry point in Africa; where French and Arabic can be spoken; and it is a haven for those who want a honeymoon outside the ordinary.

Honeymoon trips in Morocco

Morocco differs from the islands visited for the honeymoon; where you can simply book a trip and an elephant. And spend the rest of the time in the sun and sea. Visiting Morocco requires planning and organization. Often the landing will be in Casablanca, and the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca will help you, towards a startling start. Marrakech was the center of tourism, but things have changed; and if you neglect to visit the north you will miss seeing the most magical places in this country.

Marrakech should be incorporated into any honeymoon

for at least one or two days. In addition to the great restaurants on the rooftops of the busy city; there are plenty of places to shop from the shops in the street area across from the famous blue gardens, the open museum “Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech”, both of which are worth a visit.

The busy city offers many attractions such as; Maison de la Photographie, Villa des Orangers, famous for its African décor, large swimming pool and signature food.

Nevertheless, the best parts of Marrakech lie outside the walls of the Terracotta:

A large group of incredible hotels, seemingly exceeding a five-star rating; which through their beauty kills any incentive to go to explore. The Royal Mansour Hotel; built with a mandate from the current king, pampers its guests in 54 elegantly decorated suites with a dreamy “spa”. As for the Amanjina Hotel; it added a coral and pink touch in the Moroccan building style; with curved arches, high ceilings and a feeling of privacy and to feel as if you are owner.

It is also not possible to miss the blue city in the north, officially called Chefchaouen

It is more like Santorini, but instead of white, it is covered in all shades of blue. Where the magical effect of this 15th-century city; lovers can spend a whole day wandering in the twisted paths, taking pictures along the way. It is also possible to reserve a room on the upper floor in Riad Hicham; observing the sunset from the balcony; where the orange color of the sky crosses the quiet blue hills. Accor Waterfall is 45 minutes away driving.

Fez is a city of wonderful contrasts

the largest and oldest city in the world; and it can be easily lost if you do not follow the guide to the elegantly decorated riad; and from there to an elegant dinner from six vibrant stages; in the light intimate restaurant, where the menus are changed daily; and they are Inspired by the best local ingredients that are collected every morning.

Sometimes “streets” might be just a foot and a half foot wide, and you’ll see donkeys roam the city’s maze. Booking a Morocco tour is useful for learning about culture and history, along with exploring new flavors and features; which you cannot find otherwise.

You can take a 3 days tour from Fes via High Atlas sand Sahara desert. To see Berbers and their merchandise sold in these parts; as well you serve food locally. Camel treking and spend a romantic and starry night in sahara desert; should definitely be part of any itinerary here.

If you are in Marrakech too; you have a chance to do 3 days tour from Marrakech to sahara desert honeymoon tours in Morocco

The charming village of Essaouira for HoneyMoon

Beach in Essaouira is full of beauty and camels are avalaible for rides, is also easily accessible from Marrakesh. Skiers and hikers play in peridot surf. Shop barbarians, carpets and wooden decor here, and eat delicious meals at half the price.

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