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A detailed list of the 12 Best Places to go in Morocco – The places that you must visit




Morocco is a country of mystery and charm that few other countries in North Africa can match. It’s a land that mixes the styles of Europe and Sub-Saharan culture, formed by Carthaginians and Berber merchants, Mediterranean pirates and military kings of Andalusia, Sultans and Grand Viziers alike. Its backcountry is dotted with the Atlas and Rif massifs, which loom – frequently snow-capped – above the changing sand dunes and vast oasis of the Maghreb, you might for sure be asking what are the best places to go in Morocco are?
From the spice street markets of Fez to the countless souks in Marrakech, where cumin combines with clove meeting chili powder amongst the aromatic shops, its towns pulsate with vitality. Elegant riads (traditional Moroccan dwellings with courtyards) and enormous kasbahs may be seen everywhere, all embellished with elaborate Islamic filigrees and gorgeous arabesque designs. You’ll eat spicy meals laced with spices and dried fruits, sip mint teas, and talk the entire night underneath a shisha haze.
Now let’s start our exploration tour to the 12 best places to go in Morocco:

  • Marrakech:

In Morocco and starting our list of the best places to go in Morcco, Marrakech is a classic Maghreb medina town. It was once the Almoravid kingdom’s crown jewel, and it now gleams in ochre and beige stone beneath the sparkling peaks of the Atlas Mountains.
At its core lies the massive Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, Africa’s busiest and the focal point of a large market selling everything from handmade carpets to shisha pipes and swaying golden lanterns
In the interim, the medina is loaded with arabesque riads, their patios covering mint-scented teahouses or the absolute most superb tagines you’ll at any point taste. Not to mention the Royal and Bahia palaces left behind by the sultans and viziers who governed these lands.


  • Fez:

Fez offers all the attractions and delicacies one would expect from a 1,200-year-old Moroccan town. There’s Fès el-Bali, the city’s ancient core, in which a maze (and we never use that term lightly!) of streets, terraces, and squares connect the multi-colored tanneries as well as adobe homes.
There’s also Ville Nouvelle’s opulent boulevards. The French labored hard to develop gorgeous palm-peppered streets and gushing fountains, luxurious hotels, and Parisian-inspired streets there. So, go between the spice-filled souks and the famous madrassahs to have a sense of the genuine Morocco.

  • Casablanca:

Casablanca is next on our list of the best places to go in Morocco, known to many as the namesake and scene of Michael Curtiz’s 1942 magnum opus (entitled Casablanca), is the country’s and the Maghreb region’s largest metropolis.
It bursts onto the Atlantic coast halfway between Rabat and El Jadida, exploding with row after row of stunning Mauresque architecture — a one-of-a-kind combination of the arabesque and the Parisian that can be seen on every roundabout and public square.
There is a modest medina district, but the modern attractions are on a different, larger scale: the magnificent King Hassan II Mosque (the largest in Morocco); the serpentine Corniche, dotted with super-clubs and stylish hotels; and the never-ending Morocco Mall — the continent’s second-largest retail complex!

  • Meknes:

Oftentimes insinuated by its position UNESCO name, the Historic City of Meknes, this visit on the course from Rabat on the coast to Fez under the climbs of the Atlas Mountains, is an unprecedented spot to stand flabbergasted at the country’s mix of Spanish and Moorish styles.
Raised to importance by the Sultan Moulay Ismaïl during the eighteenth century, it has a dazzling medina that beginnings with the crenulations and topics of the exceptional Bab El Khemis Gate and wraps up with the rich filigrees and improves of the Dar El Makhzen magnificent palace.
Clearly, there’s in like manner an ordinary souk here – whether or not it’s much more unobtrusive than the one at Fez and Marrakech – close by more flavor scented tagine houses than you can shake a dried apricot at!

  • Merzouga:

The moving desert slopes take over definitively around the really dazzling town of Merzouga. Put some place down in the country, on the toward the east side of the Atlas goes, this onetime camel march town is as of now a picture of the quintessential Sahara we overall know from films.
Head for the inconceivable sand slopes of Erg Chebbi, which come scratched by the ceaseless breezes of the desert. On the other hand, take a camel ride into the borderlands with Algeria, to get lost between the ochre-yellow scenes and an irregular transient town where scarcely any various visitors will meander.

  • Rabat:

Immersed with the styles of the Moors and Spanish, Rabat not simply displays likely the best authentic focuses and craftsmanship shows in the country (take a gander at the National Archeological Museum and the Modern Art Museum) yet likewise an optimal spot on the edge of the Atlantic.
Hit the lively corniche that weaves along the shore, or see the shining sea side that stows away under the apex of the exceptional Almohadan Citadel. Be that as it may, the normal Berber heart of Rabat is really the spot to be.
The much-photographed lanes of blue-and-white dwellings snaking and looping up and down steps, through secret squares, and down into the medieval medina center may be found at Oudaias Kasbah. All of this and more makes Rabat one of the best places to go in Morocco.

  • Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen, the fabled blue city has its own distinct appeal thanks to its tangle of twisting alleys and tight-knit tunnels.
The town’s good aesthetics are only enhanced by its location: it flows down the green-brown ranges of the Rif Mountains, between the picturesque Jebel al-Kalaa and the protected reserves of the Talasemtane (both of which are accessible on hiking expeditions).
Most people, though, come here simply to meander and marvel. So, sit down for a mint tea at one of the local teahouses and observe as the hazy blue of the hill town gives way to its Berber vibrations. The blue city for sure is one of the best places to go in Morocco and must absolutely be on your itinerary to Morocco.

  • Tangier:

Tangier is the African side of the Gibraltar Strait’s envoy. A port town and a bastion that guarded the entrance to the Mediterranean, it has been coveted by nautical skills in these areas since the Carthaginians ruled the seas.
However, while the range of experiences is visible – notably in the heart of the famous medina and under the spectacular Kasbah of the former Sultan of Tangier – this town now pulses to a more contemporary beat.
The seashores and seaside bars along Avenue Mohammed VI come alive towards the conclusion of the week, as Spanish vacationers arrive on swift ships from Algeciras across the water, there are tantalizing natural eateries, and bounty, plenty more!

  • Essaouira:

Essaouira is the northern end of a long stretch of seashore that stretches all the way to Agadir (Morocco’s other most popular hotel town on the ocean – keep an eye out for it!).
It is perhaps best known as a town for its profusion of majestic eighteenth-century strongholds that rise from the Atlantic Ocean in a series of keeps and crenulated posts.
It’s also well-known for its refreshing coastal breezes, which bring crowds from the scorching medina cities inland during the hotter months of the year. Unfortunately, this makes the dunes at Essaouira too windy for brushing and cooling. In any case, there are ports and wonderful seafood to make up for it!

  • Agadir:

Sun-kissed Agadir ascends from the pungent shore of the African Atlantic in a variety of brilliant homes and whitewashed Berber plunges. Throughout recent years it’s been the picked torment of the ocean side adoring, surf-chasing explorer advancing toward Morocco. Furthermore it’s truly filled the job well.
Inn resorts pour out of their palm-dabbed gardens on the ocean to propose incalculable sunbathing potential open doors on the principle ocean side, while board riders endeavor to vanquish the thundering left-to-righters at renowned surf spots like Devils Rock and Cro-Cro.
After dim you can anticipate one of the nation’s best nightlife scenes as well, with opportunities to test customary English brews in the bars and bourbon imbued teas in the Moroccan riads. Decent, Agadir is absolutely one of the best places to go in Morocco.

  • Ouarzazate:

The old exchange station of Ouarzazate, ascending from the edges of the Moroccan Sahara in a tangle of beige and earthy colored adobe strongholds and defenses, is accustomed to welcome travelers from a far distance.
For a very long time, camel parades and merchants from the Mediterranean and Central Africa have halted here to offer their goods and products to the inhabitants of the amazingly lovely Dades Valley.
The old market actually exists today as a dusty tangle of openings in-the-divider and retail stores loaded with odd keepsakes and items.
Visit the adjoining town of Ait Benhaddou to observe an extraordinary UNESCO site where movies, for example, Kingdom of Heaven and Prince of Persia were shot!

  • Asilah:

While walking around the sun-heated promenade and the iridescent inward paths of enchanting Asilah, our last city in this list of the best places to go in Morocco, you could be confused with accepting you were in the whitewashed cubist towns of the Greek Aegean Islands, rather than a coastline town in the remote compasses of North Africa.
The town’s draw is the captivating little autonomous craftsman displays that sprinkle the middle, just as the line of ridge upheld sea shores that scope toward the north and south — a surfer’s fantasy! One proviso: During the busy season periods, Asilah might get very occupied and crowded.
It’s famous with occupants from the city, but at the same time it’s the main genuine retreat you’ll see as you go south from Tangier’s Spanish borders.


So that was our list of the best 12 best places to go in Morocco. Since you’ve added Morocco to your list of must-visits, ensure you remember to incorporate any of these best places to go in Morocco on your itinerary or schedule. Also whether you’re a significant eater, a water sports devotee, or a hard core partier, you can be sure that this country gives unequivocally the suitable sort of encounters for you.