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Morocco Travel Land team welcomes the Pakistan’s people in their second home Morocco, and we would like to introduce you a quick information about “Morocco Tour packages from Pakistan”, some suggested tours and trips that you will need to make your trip in Morocco from Pakistan more easy.

Pakistan citizens need visa for travelling to Morocco as tourist.

The stay in Morocco is usually short with a visa expires in 90 days and period of 90 days.
A total of 10 documents are required and Applicant of Moroccan visa is not required to be present when applying for visa

For more informations about the Visa application

General Documents required for Morocco tourist visa for morocco tour packages from pakistan

– Visa Application Form: Complete application form for Morocco.
You can find it at the Moroccan Consulat website.

General Documents required for Morocco tourist visa

General Documents required for Morocco tourist visa click here to access to this page, for a visa to enjoy morocco tour packages from pakistan.


Flight information from Pakistan to Morocco for our morocco tour packages from pakistan

  • The fastest flight from Pakistan to Morocco departs from Lahore to Casablanca, takes about 12h 50m.
  • The most popular airlines from Pakistan to Morocco are Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Air Arabia
  • The most popular cities in Morocco are Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca

Popular Airlines flying from Pakistan to Morocco for Morocco tour packages from Pakistan

  • Qatar Airways
  • Gulf Air
  • Arabia Airlines

Popular routes from Pakistan to Morocco

  • Pakistan to Casablanca
  • Pakistan to Marrakech
  • Pakistan to Rabat
  • Pakistan to Guelmim
  • Pakistan to Agadir
  • Pakistan to Tangier
  • Pakistan to Oujda

So we suggest you some Morocco Tour packages from Pakistan

Explore Fes Morocco Tours

  • We enjoy Middle Atlas mountains around Azrou
  • Experience Sahara desert in Merzouga and camel trek in desert
  • We explore Dades and Todra gorges
  • Visit Ait Benhaddou and film studios in Ouarzazate
  • We enjoy High Atlas mountains around Ouarzazate
  • We will visit Ait Benhaddou and film studios in Ouarzazate

Morocco tour packages from Pakistan












More Information about Morocco before exploring our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan:


Moroccan Food:

We liked Moroccan food on our first trip, which lasted a week: tajines, couscous, Berber omelets, and mint teas were all meticulously made. We must admit that we became fatigued during our subsequent excursions, which lasted roughly a month. On the menu of a restaurant, anything other than couscous or a tajine is quite unusual. On the other side, vegans rejoice: we had no difficulty eating. There were vegetarian items on the menu that were consistently less priced than meat-based entrees.

Food can be inexpensive (€5 for a complete menu in Taroudant or Mirleft) or expensive (up to €15 for a tagine in Fez) depending on the locale. We often prepared or picnicked bread/avocado sandwiches to save money. Breakfast is frequently included in hotel rates, and it is always a delight. Orange juice deserves special notice because it is always freshly squeezed!

Finally, the servings are substantial. “You will never be hungry in Morocco!” we’ve heard. There are no digestive issues to report, and sanitary requirements are adhered to. But don’t go overboard and drink tap water or freshly squeezed fruit juices that have been cut with ice cubes. And for sure don’t worry our special Morocco tour packages from Pakistan will include a full experience of the Moroccan cuisine.


Transportation in Morocco:

We took the bus, rail, taxi, communal taxi, and vehicle rental in that order. In comparison to Europe, bus and train fares are quite low. In decent comfort, expect to pay 4€ per hour. CTM and Supratours are the two primary bus operators, and their timetables are available online.

The TGV has arrived in northern Morocco and is in perfect working order! However, you must purchase your tickets at the station because it is not feasible to do so online.

When there is no rail or bus, you can always locate low-cost communal cabs. These 6- to 8-seater vehicles run between two locations on a regular basis around the country, leaving as soon as they are filled. Rest assured, the comfort levels are satisfactory; in other words, the number of people is strictly restricted to the number of seats available!

Last but not least, we hired a car twice. The hilly area of Tafraout was first explored, followed by Ouarzazate two years later. In low season, we paid €21 per day for the rental. We traveled through the business Medloc, which is quite serious and does not need you to have a credit card, based on the suggestion of previous travelers (a debit card is enough). Unless you want to get lost in the mountains, the roads are typically decent. It’s best to avoid driving at night in Morocco because there are a lot of badly lighted automobiles and trucks that will overtake you nonetheless. All of this you don’t have to worry about in our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan, because Morocco tour packages from Pakistan all include the transportation in the packages.

Accommodation in Morocco:

It is simple to obtain good lodging at a reasonable price. We have never been let down. On average, we paid €27 per night for two people, and we got nice and well-maintained lodgings, sometimes single rooms, sometimes complete accommodations, for this amount.

Here are the addresses that jumped out, all of which include breakfast:

Riad 117 (€50 for a double room) in Marrakech is just ideal. A peaceful refuge with exquisite design and a friendly greeting. The wonderful breakfast provided, served by the pool, and the extremely convenient location deserve special mention.

The Dar Lola (€54)i at Merzouga is located at the foot of the dunes. Everything about this modest restaurant, which opened lately facing Erg Chebbi, is perfect: the design, the comfort, the delicacy of the greeting, the food. The best location for exploring the dunes on foot right from your hotel! [Update 2021: costs have nearly quadrupled since our visit]

The Argan tree of Ammelne (30€)i, located at the foot of the famous mountain in the shape of a lion’s head, is a must-see in Tafraout. The greeting is outstanding, and the breakfast on the balcony is delectable! The pool should be enjoyable throughout the summer months. We at Morocco tour packages from Pakistan will make sure that you get the full and joyful experience of the special accommodations in Morocco with the most affordable prices.

Meetings And Moroccan People:

Moroccans are witty, so bring your zygomatics! While we were hounded by vendors in Fez’s busy medina, it was a true delight to interact with the residents, who were kind, cheerful, hilarious, and hospitable. Our recommendation is to travel all the way to the south of Morocco, namely to Taroudant and Tafraout, because the welcome is amazing and alone worth the journey. Southern Moroccans are happy to encounter French people, and you will hear “Bienvenue mes amis,” “Hello there” and “Hola mi amigos” multiple times every day, hour, and even minute! All our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan should not worry about the people, the moroccan people are amongst the best and most friendly people in the world which our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan tourists will never have to worry about.


Safety: is Morocco dangerous?

If you ever have the question, we will tell you that Morocco is a very safe country. A trip to Morocco is completely risk-free. The police are on the lookout, and tourists are well protected. Prior to that, the worst thing you can do is arnaque yourself by purchasing artisanal goods in a souk. The Sahara Occidental no-land, man’s which is often mapped out as Morocco on maps, would pose further dangers, particularly near the Mauritanian border.

The importance of travel insurance is not as high as it is for other places. You should look into it based on the activities you want to engage in. So if you are planning to have one of our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan, there’s nothing stopping you, Morocco is literally one of the safest countries not just in the area but in the world for tourists.

What is the best season to visit Morocco?

We had a fantastic time in Morocco in the early spring. The trees were in blossom, the sceneries were lush with green, and the sun shone brightly with a temperature of 25°, which was neither too hot nor too cold. We were a little cold at night in the highlands near Ouarzazate on our first trip in January, but there was very little rain, so it was lovely to spend the day outside with a comfortable sweater. Because of the intense light, the months of June through September are the most challenging. Find out about Ramadan dates, as they may hinder your vacation. And whatever time you pick to visit Morocco you’ll find Morocco tour packages from Pakistan available for you.

Morocco for nomads

Morocco is ideal for those who, like us, work while traveling. The country has decent 3G/4G coverage, and wifi is typically robust. Essaouira, in particular, is one of the country’s most lovely places in which to spend some time. It is simple to get inexpensive lodging and meals without sacrificing comfort. Conclusion: a great country for giving the appearance of living “normally” while being immersed in a breathtaking and unusual location.

So after all this, what is stopping you from having one of our Morocco tour packages from Pakistan.







Please If this suggested Morocco tour packages from Pakistan does not match what you’re looking for, contact us and we will prepare the trip to your measurements and needs. This trip is considered just as an example.

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