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Located on the farthest edge of Africa, Tangier is only a few minutes away from Europe. Thanks to its exceptional geographical location, Tangier has always been an important spot in the Mediterranean. It’s even mentioned in the Legendary Story of Hercules. As the third most populated city in Morocco and a huge cultural, historical, and economic center, visiting Tangier is a must-do!

In Tangier, you’ll find everything you need to have as a traveler. Aside from the amazing accommodations, the attractions of Tangier are many to include in only one list. However, to give you a small glance, this list of the Reasons to Visit Tangier, Morocco.

So, here are the top Reasons to Visit Tangier on your next trip to Morocco. Make sure not to leave anything on this list unchecked.

First of all, visit the Legendary Caves of Hercules!

The Legendary Caves of Hercules is a place that you don’t want to miss for its sheer mythical value. Located in the Cape Spartal on the edge of Africa, the caves are half nature-made, half human-made. Some archeological data and carvings return to the Phoenicians back in the 10th-12th centuries B.C.

And of course, the story of the Twelve Labors of Hercules describes a cave on the farthest edge of the Mediterranean that looks exactly like the Caves in Tangier.

The Caves of Hercules are an amazing place that you have to visit before sunset to enjoy its beauty. After you finish exploring the mesmerizing interior of the caves, you can drop by a local gift shop to purchase something to remind you of the trip. In the evening, you can grab a bite at the nearby restaurants.

In conclusion, discovering Hercules caves is one of the best reasons to visit Tangier.

See where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are separated in Cape Spartel

Cape Spartel, Tangier is truly a unique place. From the top of the cape, you can see the line where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Returning t the legend of Hercules, the story says that he split Africa from Europe here.

Aside from all of that, Cape Spartel is simply a beautiful picturesque spot that you shouldn’t miss. It’s one of the most attractive places in Tangier, where you can take Instagram pictures to share with your followers.

Tangiers tours sahara desert

Visit Achakar Beach to sunbathe and chill!

You can’t visit Tangier without sunbathing on the beach. Moroccan beaches are known for their great weather and cleanliness. Though it might be packed in the summer days, Achakar Beach is huge, and there’s plenty for everyone.

The reason why we listed Hercules Caves, Cape Spartel, and Achakar Beach in a row is because you can visit all of them in one trip. It would be convenient to take a walk from the beach to Cape and the caves. Though the journey is a bit long, it’s really fun walking on the coasts of Tangier.

Discover the Kasbah of Tangier!

Exploring the Kasbah of Tangier is a fairy-tale journey. Get lost in the maze-like streets with their ancient Oriental architecture. Enter through Bab Haha Gate to a rich place that will make you feel you’ve been transported through time.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean offer a great background that goes very well with the old buildings, which makes the Kasbah of Tangier one of the top photography spots.

Take a tour of the old Royal Palace, which is now a museum that houses artifacts that age from the Stone Age to the 20th century.

Enjoy a glass of Mint Tea in L’hafa Café!

Café L’hafa is one of the most iconic places in Tangier where you can enjoy delicious mint tea while smoking a cannabis pipe. At night, you can see the lights coming from Spain, Europe.

Chill out in Café L’hafa, one of the cafes that were frequented by notorious American writers like Paul Bowels and Tennessee Williams. The ambiance there is very cool, and the architecture is very fascinating and unique. The multiple levels look like balconies. It’s really fun chilling in L’hafa, and the food and drinks are absolutely amazing.

Pay a visit to St Andrew’s Church, where Christianity and Islam meet

Built as a gift from Sultan Hassan I in 1905 to the Christians of Tangier, St Andrew’s Church is a must-visit. The architecture is very peculiar because it combines the European and Moroccan styles. It’s a church that marks the Kiblah direction to Mecca, and it has Quranic inscriptions that decorate its Moorish-style interior.

St Andrew’s Church is a place that mediates interfaith tolerance between Moroccans and Europeans. Christians, as well as Muslims, can both practice their religious duties in this church. Faith should never be a barrier between people because, after all, the message is one. That’s what St Andrew’s Church is trying to convey. Its religious diversity and tolerance are some of the good reasons to visit Tangier.


Tangier is truly an amazing Moroccan city. It has a friendly spirit that runs all across its streets and coasts. Your travel to Morocco wouldn’t be complete if you missed visiting Tangier. If you’re coming from Europe, a wise choice would be to land in the International Airport of Tangier instead of Casablanca or Marrakech.

We provided you with some of the best reasons to visit Tangier and things that you shouldn’t miss in the city, but there are many more that you have to explore on your own. For that reason, we highly recommend that you start your tour in Morocco from Tangier. You can start a 10-day tour from Tangier that will take you to the south of Morocco visiting, Fez, the Sahara, Marrakech, Essaouira, and more.

Just contact us, and we will help you organized the best tour from Tangier that will suit all of your preferences. We are here to help have the best-possible tour of Morocco. Helping you have fun in Morocco without worrying about anything is our job, and we’re very good at it. So feel free to contact us however you want. We are also available on social media.