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Shopping in Morocco is an enjoyable and attractive thing for many travelers; and it is no wonder that the markets of Morocco are many and different, you find them everywhere; and in all alleys and roads, it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike; especially with the beauty of the exhibits and distinguish them from others around the world. You will find carpets, rugs, pans and whatever you like; but it also takes a little scrutiny from you to have a great deal when shopping in this beautiful country.

Try to get to know Morocco before you travel for easy Shopping in Morocco

When entering the store for shopping in Morocco , be friendly, smile, and know that the seller will ask you; is this the first trip to Morocco? How long have you been here? To know how the bargaining process begins with you, you just have to show that you know Morocco and its markets and you have a lot of information about this wonderful country.

Take your time

There are a lot of tourists who come to the markets for Shopping in Morocco ; they do not scrutinize the purchase process and what they need; but they rush to make the decision to buy due to the large number of exhibits, but later, when visiting the market again they find what is better, so experts say that the tourist can roam Between the markets on the first day with taking pictures and getting to know all the prices, and even negotiating what they like, provided then return the next day to buy what they found appropriate in terms of content and price.

Carry coins of little value

Most sellers in the market deal in different currencies alongside the Moroccan dirham; but remember that it is difficult for you to bargain if you only have coins of great value; and in exchange little money is a great way to add great value to your offer without incurring a lot of money. You also should not put all your money in one place until you prove to the seller that this amount is what you only have to buy this commodity; which is what drives him not to raise the price.

Be patient

Do not show much interest in what you want to buy, just know the price and leave the product and wander among other products, and you can also get out of the place and go in another direction, this matter will help you a lot in obtaining a suitable price during the barter, especially since the seller will try to attract you once with a lower price.

Watch out

Yes, you have to be fascinated by these beautiful colors and wonderful products, but please be careful and vigilant, because you do not walk alone in these crowded markets, you may be subjected to pickpocketing or hated, with speeding bikes abound between narrow alleys.

Check the product quality

Handbags, belts and shoes are popular goods that you will see all over Morocco, produced in tanneries in the country, but what you need is to ensure the quality of the product, especially since many sellers may offer you non-original products as well as to pay them a high price and find out later.

Have fun

Morocco’s markets are huge, beautiful and confusing you may be overwhelmed at first; this is usual for other tourists, but you have to leave the confusion and start determining what you want; without wearing the accessories or what attracts attention.

Don’t give up to seller’s pressure

The seller’s style in the market is compelling and attractive, but don’t buy anything under pressure. If you need time to think, tell him seriously that you do not need what he sells; so that you do not have to buy what you do not need; or buy a fake product that is not well-made.

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