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While there are plenty of fascinating scenes in Morocco and thousands of beautiful ones, some landscapes stand up as majestic. The variety of natural landscapes in Morocco is always something special. Traveling throughout Morocco usually leaves you dazzled, wondering how such a small country hosts such diversity.

From extreme landscapes such as the Sahara to friendly places like beaches, your trip to Morocco will surely be something special. And to make it more special, you have to not miss exploring some of the most iconic spots in Morocco.

To help you with that, we’ve gathered this list of the 10 most majestic landscapes in Morocco.

1.    Erg Chebbi Dunes in Merzouga

The first majestic landscape in Morocco that comes to mind is the incredible Sahara dunes of Erg Chebbi. While certainly, it’s an extreme manifestation of Mother Earth, the Sahara is surely a place in Morocco that you don’t want to miss. And to fully experience the vibe of the Sahara and fully explore it, not just with your eyes, you have to ride a camel and spend the night in a desert camp.

The night in the Sahara desert of Morocco is something you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re into stargazing. The Sahara is one of the best places in the world for stargazers. The star constellations, planets, and meteors all garnish the dark sky with their lights.

2.    Mount Toubkal

Here’s another extreme landscape that’s totally worth the visit in Morocco, Mount Toubkal. The peak of Mount Toubkal is the highest one in North Africa and the Arab world. The view from the peak of this majestic Moroccan landscape is heavenly, according to the people who’ve been there. From that peak, you can see the Red City Marrakesh, the Sahara Desert, and the shores of the Atlantic.

According to climbers, Mount Toubkal is relatively easier to climb than many high mountains in the world, mainly because the weather isn’t very cold.


3.    Cape Spartel

As one of the legendary places in Morocco, Cape Spartel is also one of the most iconic views. Situated at the edge of Africa only a few miles away from Europe, Cape Spartel is believed to be the spot where Hercules legendarily separated the two continents.

Cape Spartel is also the spot where you may witness where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

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4.    Toudra Gorges

As the highest canyons in Morocco, Toudra Gorges stand out as one of the most iconic landscapes. The weather and the resorts in Toudra Gorges are super-friendly, but the visual experience is what gives this place its reputation. Some adventurous people would even tell you that the only way to truly witness the beauty of Toudra Gorges is by climbing the natural walls of rock.

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5.    Ouzoud Waterfalls

Arguably the most beautiful waterfalls in North Africa, Ouzoud Waterfalls are as majestic as they can get. As one of the most popular excursions from Marrakech, people who visit the Red City might not want to miss traveling to Ouzoud to connect a little bit with nature.

The beauty of Ouzoud Waterfalls doesn’t only come from the waterfalls. The whole complex of trees, animals, rocks, and weather play a nice interplay to give the place an amazing charm.

6.    Paradise Valley

Fans of cliff jumping and hiking would definitely find Paradise Valley’s majestic landscapes the perfect place for an adventure. Only 20 kilometers away from Agadir, visiting Paradise Valley on an excursion from the city is a must-do.

The landscapes of Paradise Valley showcase the beauty of the local geology and biology. Covered in palm trees all over with deep gorges that hide naturally-made pools of water, relaxing and swimming in Paradise Valley (or even camping) is an experience that you mustn’t miss.

7.    Legzira Beach

Ranked among the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Legzira beach is famous for its natural reddish archways. Visitors enjoy walking under the huge archways as part of the trip to Legzira Beach. Located in a region that is famous for surfing, visiting such a majestic beach in Morocco is a great fun activity if you’re into surfing. Legzira Beach is also relatively quieter than many other beaches in Morocco, making it a nice place for relaxing.

8.    Akchour Valley

Akchour valley & waterfall are definitely among Morocco’s hidden gems. Before reaching the majestic landscapes, you’ll have to hide across the fairytale forest. Surrounded by the grandiose Rif Mountains, this hidden gem is as beautiful as a valley can get. The fauna and flora of the Rif Mountains are so diverse and there are some amazing naturally-made pools where you may swim.

Visually, Akchour Valley is one of the most pleasing places in the Rif Region. Surrounded by nature from all over, it’s also a great place to breathe the best quality of fresh air.

9.    Tafilalt Oasis

The oasis of Tafilalt is one of the largest oases in the whole world and certainly one of the most majestic ones. Located in the Sahara region near Ziz Valley, this majestic oasis in Morocco was once part of the old Sijilmassa Kingdom, which is the root of the current Moroccan monarch. But the view is what interests us more. The millions of palm trees make majestic scenery when seen from a high place.

With 6.6 million palm trees, only a few places on earth have such a magnitude of palm trees as Tafilalt (namely oases in Saudi Arabia). Naturally, this makes the oases of Tafilalt the number one spot to taste Moroccan dates.

10.    Bin Elouidane Lake

Bin Elouidane Lake is one of the largest lakes in Morocco. It provides the majority of power to the region. It’s an important lake in Morocco when it comes to sustainability. But, what interests us here is its majestic landscapes.

Bin Elouidane is an Arabic word that literally means “between the rivers”.  Over the years, this majestic lake in Morocco has gained a reputation as one of the top spots for watersports like rafting, kayaking, fishing, wakeboarding, and so on…


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