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The Best way to enjoy Moroccan Hammam and Spa; you may have heard before about Moroccan bath and it is a wonderful skin experience. It is one of the aesthetic steps of skin care in Moroccan culture, too, you can try it at home on your own through a set of simple steps. You can pamper yourself at home without paying more money in the healthy product when you prepare Moroccan bath at home, it is a great way to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Moroccan bath is one of the simple procedures in your bathroom to a steam room suitable for cleaning the skin.

Benefits of Moroccan Hammam & Spa for the skin:

Moroccan Hamam provides you with one of the most wonderful experiences that make the body feel comfortable with just getting it. It brings you a set of benefits, including getting rid of dirt and harmful bacteria. Thus, you do not get to relax and get rid of stress only. You can do a Moroccan Hamam once a week to get rid of the stress that you are exposed to throughout the week. Here are some of the benefits of getting a Moroccan Hamam.

 Motivate to sleep:

The hot water used in the Moroccan bath enhances the relaxation that helps sleep. Thus, when you feel anxious and anxious, you can put your body in a pool of hot water and use essential oil to help you relax the muscles and thus stimulate sleep.

Reducing pain and aches:

As we explained from the kiss, the hot water used in the Moroccan bath helps to relax the body and this can also help relieve the aches and pains associated with sports injuries such as muscle spasm, or even arthritis. So when you feel a bone fracture it is a good step that helps you feel better.

Help reduce blood pressure:

The Mayo Clinic says that sitting in the Moroccan bath helps you lower blood pressure and is a great step for those individuals who have a high risk of heart disease and of course have high blood pressure. . Research has shown that hot water in a Moroccan bath increases the heart rate and improves cardiovascular health.

Reduce stress:

Relaxation is a good component when sitting in warm water and reduces stress. This way, Moroccan bath brings you health and body health benefits and enhances the general feeling of improvement.

 Body cleaning :

The warmth and heat that your Moroccan bath creates opens the pores and provides a good environment for cleaning the skin. Because the pores are opened because the water reaches the body to clean the body of dirt and toxins from your skin. As a result, the feeling of freshness and skin becomes clearer.

Makes skin appear younger:

One of the most important benefits of a Moroccan bath is to eliminate dead cells in the skin and rejuvenate the skin. Where the Moroccan bath improves blood flow to the skin and helps in the growth of the new skin, getting rid of dead cells and filling the new layer with oils, moisturizers and natural antibiotics present in the skin through saunas, so the skin appears younger.

Skin peeling:

There are many benefits that a Moroccan bath can achieve, including exfoliation of the skin, and regular exfoliation increases the activity of the menstrual cycle and lymphatic systems, as well as, well-regulating pores.

 It can help you reduce headaches:

Moroccan baths can widen blood vessels, relaxation and warmth in reducing headaches. By widening the blood vessels, it can lower the blood pressure in the head, which helps you get rid of the headache. In addition to relaxation and general warmth.

 Eliminate anxiety:

Anxiety about the problems that face a lot of individuals, but Moroccan bath helps you to tackle this problem thanks to relieving stress, because the heat worries the stress and gets rid of all these problems easily.

Cleaning the skin :

Moroccan bath allows you to remove dirt, prevent clogging of pores, including blackheads and blackheads, stimulate collagen production and get rid of dry skin.

Follow this informaton for the Best way to enjoy Moroccan Hammam and Spa.

 How to do a Moroccan Hamam ?

In order to enjoy the benefits of Moroccan bath, you must provide the necessary and comfortable environment that combines the sauna and spa, in addition to toning your skin and making the most of your bathroom session and allowing yourself to achieve relaxation and calm.

Choose the right time:

Search in your schedule to set a suitable date in order to prepare for the Moroccan hammam and do not expect to exercise anything exhausting after this bath. The goal is to spend a day relaxing and thinking about yourself well. The bathroom provides you with a full sense of physical and spiritual comfort.

 The stages of Moroccan Hammam :

Moroccan bath is one of the best ways to get rid of dirt and harmful bacteria and to relax the body and mind. And eliminate the tension and stress that accumulates for weeks and leaves feel calm.

 Preparation for the Moroccan Hammam:

It is important to take steps for the Moroccan bath to achieve the required benefits. When starting out, it is necessary to prepare the swimwear, as it is also a necessary accessory. The towel is an essential and necessary step. As for the products needed for the ideal bathroom are black soap, Moroccan clay, exfoliation gloves, argan oil or yogurt.

Moisturizing water:

Try to achieve adequate hydration, as it is one of the keys to enjoying the benefits of a bath. Remember that you must bring a bottle of water and drink regularly to make up for the lost water. As water activates the immune system and regular showering brings you direct benefits from Moroccan bath.

 Black soap:

Moroccan bath is a great opportunity to take care of the body and a perfect mask to scrub the body. After sweating in the steam room, you can scrub the body with the glove, then even the body, and apply black soap throughout the body.

 Exfoliating glove:

In order for the experiment to succeed, a peeling glove with black soap, it used to create miracles. It realizes the peeling and softening properties and enables you to reproduce sebum from the face and treat oily hair.

Moroccan Argan oil:

Finally, allowing steam to reach all parts of the body, you can put the smell of camphor and use candles to enhance relaxation and entertainment. . It is now time to pamper yourself with argan oil for a complete relaxation period. It is preferable to apply argan oil to the face and the whole body in order to moisturize and replenish the skin as it is an ideal treatment to combat dry skin and protect it from cold weather attacks.

Steps for a Moroccan Hammam:

Local steps for the Best way to enjoy Moroccan Hammam and Spa.

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The necessary tools:

  • Black soap.
  • Towel and bathrobe.
  • Argan oil.

The steps:

  • Preparing for a Moroccan Hamam is simple, once you start filling the bath with warm water until the bath is saturated with steam, which helps you revitalize the pores and absorb the soap as much as possible, which leads to the final exfoliation of your skin. Apply warm water to your body until it becomes wet.
  •  Now that your body is saturated with steam; you can start massaging all parts of your body with soap in circular motions from the feet to the shoulder.
  • You should take your time when taking a Moroccan Hamam by sitting in the steam bath for 15-20 minutes. Once relaxed, the steam will bring many benefits.
  • Once the black soap is finished; now is the time to exfoliate the body using exfoliation gloves and rub the skin up and down. These movements get rid of dead skin and you will start to see a gray layer of dead skin.
  •  After the skin has peeled off; he begins to take a warm bath and clear the soap away from the body. You will see for yourself how smooth the skin is like silk.
  •  Now use Moroccan clay, which usually comes in solid shape and needs to be broken into small pieces.
  •  After applying the water it is mixed with the small pieces of Moroccan clay.
  •  Once the rocks turn into clay; a spoonful of argan oil or yogurt is added to the Moroccan clay and the mixture is preserved; because these ingredients give a glow to the skin.
  •  You can apply Moroccan clay to the body, leave it for five minutes, then rinse with water.
  • After rinsing, the towel is gently used to dry the body.
  •  Now, you are the people of your country trying the Moroccan Hammam & Spa at home.

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