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1. The Nomads in Sahara Desert

Nomads in Sahara Desert are very kind although a solo traveler you will feel so safe you will find yourself in your second modest family, feel like you are in your home. The stay by nomads’ tents will be a wonderful experience of community work and life. They will be so happy to host you by them since the Berber cultures during thousand years are known by hospitality, so don’t let this unforgettable experience get gone.

2. The calm & beauty

During your Sahara Desert tours, you will see a sight that you have never seen before, a wonderful sight and scale of 36O° horizon. The Landscapes change totally from the Atlas Mountains to high and low sand dunes, gold sands, dry oases and wells. In some certain places these is warm spring which feeding into a warm lake, the village of Gnawa (Khamlia), former mines Mifis, local nomads tent. (10 Reasons To Visit The Morocco Sahara Desert)

3. sunset & Sunrise…

You will have an amazing feeling while watch them, it’s really so awesome over wide sand dunes and spectacular.

4. Starry night Sky

Spend a night under desert starry night while you have a desert morocco tours will be evocated and an inspiring visual. You will have a chance to lay in top of sand dunes looking up and see billions bright stars, they looked like large, bold lettering. You will never forget this amazing moment and it will be one of the 10 Reasons to Visit the Morocco Sahara Desert.

5. Food in Morocco Sahara Desert

By exploring Sahara Desert, you will have a delicious nomads and black people dishes, the food is natural and organic, freshy made on an open fire way more traditional, like Berber Pizza in Khamlia village or by a nomad’s family if you have the opportunity to do an off-road Sahara Desert tours.

Food in Sahara desert

The salads tossed in olive oil, diet consists of fresh fruit, and a variety of dishes made from vegetables, meat, spice, pasta, and Couscous will be served in every family in Sahara Desert in Friday. In Morocco bread is the main for every dish expect Couscous, and it is freshly baked in the embers of the fire every day.

6. Sahara Desert Adventure

Trekking in Sahara Desert is never easy to do but it is as physical as you want to do it. When you are far away from your stay you may lost your bearing, even at a shortest distance, the camp can be hidden by ow bushes and sand dunes. always make a sense of direction is important and if you get lost by go up the hill dunes for make it easy, and can be found in the knowledge that the nomads or the stuff from the desert camp will soon come looking for you and easily find you.

While you are accompanying a camel man tacking her camels in dark night you will appreciate how they are skilled they are. You may find yourself learning the nomad’s skills when you are making camel trekking, so don’t be surprised .

7. the local people’s fellowship

You will like the nomad’s lifestyle and you will get a quick development by living with them during your tours in Morocco, sharing of daily cores, such as eating from a communal bowl, collecting wood, finding and rounding up the camels, getting the water from the wells…

8. lovely Camels

Camels are placid creatures, with personalities of their own but can be headstrong and troublesome. camels enjoy a role in the sand, provide a comic element too, often while crushing the provisions they are carrying & fully laden and, much to the alarm of their guides. Sometimes they coming into the desert camp at dawn looking for leftovers. Camels are so lovely and it’s one of the 10 Reasons To Visit The Morocco Sahara Desert that let people love Sahara Desert.

9. Trekking in Sahara Desert

Trekking is responsible tours at its natural resources, most ecologically friendly, making maximum use of scant. Provisions are purchased locally and the local men are camel guides, who supporting the local economy. Living the Nomads lifestyle, trekkers are totally dependent on the skills and knowledge of their guiding and so any impact on their traditional way of life is minimal.  the things they have hitherto accepted as the norm. It is more an experience that challenges the values of their own society.

10. Alternative medicine in Sahara

People in the desert are using only what nature provides, for instance: crush injuries cuts, and pain from old fractures speedily and effectively dealt with. The cure for sickness is fascinating, and incantations, involving what they call ‘magic’. The fact that, although all Nomads know the procedure, only a few have the power to do it work.