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10 top Marrakech must see places for every tourist visiting the city

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Marrakech (also written Marrakesh) is an interesting city captivating travelers with its Moroccan beauty. It was formerly one of Morocco’s imperial capitals. Whether arriving by train or touring the city with Charles Boyer and his Kasbah in mind, everybody will be delighted by what they discover. Whether it’s negotiating for a good deal in a souk or seeing a snake charmer at action, this ancient North African city never fails to entice visitors. The following is a list of the top 10 Marrakech must see places that most of the tourist visit:

  • Menara gardens:

Our first Marrakech must see place is the Menara gardens, they are popular with both locals and visitors because they give a refreshing respite from Marrakesh’s sweltering summer days. The initial objective of the gardens in the 12th century was to give a space for people to relax while also growing vegetables. Around a big arterial lake fed by canals, smaller gardens are developed. The orchards are home to palm, olive, and fruit trees, thus visitors may often witness pruners and pickers at work. The pavilion or minzeh, which overlooks the pool and was formerly used by a sultan and his family, is a nice site to see the gardens.

9. Saadian Tombs:

Beginning in the mid-16th century, the Saadian Tomb was utilized as a burial site for kings and nobles for many hundred years. The last burial took place in 1792, after which the graves were forgotten until 1917, when they were found. The tombs are divided into two large mausoleums, each housing 66 persons, with another 100 buried in the gardens, their gravestones coated in tile. The structures are massive, basic in some areas and ornate in others.

8. El Badi Palace:

El Badi Palace was formerly an elegant palace that was funded by a ransom given by the Portuguese during the Battle of the Three Kings in the mid-16th century. During the palace’s 25-year construction, only the most luxurious and expensive materials were employed. The Sultan traded sugar for the Italian marble used in the columns, therefore gold and onyx were utilized everywhere. There were 360 rooms in the palace, as well as various pavilions. Only ruins exist now after a subsequent sultan looted the structure for its luxurious materials and furnishings for his own castle. It is for sure one of the Marrakech must see places that you can’t miss.

7. Koutoubia Mosque:

The Koutoubia Mosque, which towers over the city’s southwest medina, is a Marrakesh icon. The mosque, which dates from the 12th century and with a tower that stands at 77 meters (253 feet), is arguably Marrakesh’s largest mosque. Other roads may go to Rome, but in Marrakesh, all roads lead to the mosque. The mosque served as the hub for the network of routes during the French occupation. The red stone mosque is built with six apartments, one on top of the other, to prevent visitors on the tower from spying on the king’s harem. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter.

6. Bahia Palace:

Another Marrakech must see place is the construction of Bahia Palace, which is located in Marrakesh’s medina or old town, took 60 years and the greatest Moroccan laborers. The construction of a palace from a single large house and numerous smaller ones was well worth the wait. It was built for a grand vizier in the 19th century and includes the finest of Islamic and Moroccan traditions. Today, the palace hosts Moroccan state guests. Because it is a functional government facility, not all rooms are accessible to the public; however the harem apartments and gardens are among them.

5. Jardin Majorelle:

When it’s time to unwind in bustling Marrakesh, visitors will flock to Jardin Majorelle, an oasis of stunning flowers, lush grass, and terraces where visitors may rest and relax. The garden is named after Jacques Majorelle, a French painter who spent 40 years building it after relocating to Morocco. Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé have owned the garden since 1980. The garden is tiny by some standards, but it is elegantly landscaped with exotic plants, fountains, and meandering walkways, all of which are intended to remind visitors of some part of Moroccan culture. One of the top Marrakech must see places that you have to visit if you are in Marrakech.

4. Ben Youssef Madrasa:

The Ben Youssef Madrasa was originally a theological college dedicated to the Quran’s instruction. It was formerly North Africa’s largest learning institution, accommodating up to 900 pupils at a time. The madras is built around a huge courtyard, with a prayer chamber in the back that is ornately ornamented. The madrasa, which is now a historic landmark, is known for its unusual architecture, which is evocative of Spain’s Alhambra. Arabic inscriptions may be seen all around the site. The mosaics and 14th-century architecture, according to visitors, are worth seeing and definitely one amongst Marrakech must see places.

3. Marrakech Medina:

Marrakech’s historic medina is teeming with interconnecting small alleyways and colorful local shops. A Riad, a Moroccan dwelling with an enclosed courtyard, is also located in the Medina. The majority of the windows face inward, towards the central atrium. Because there are no blatant wealth statements made outwardly and no windows to peek through, this design is in keeping with Islamic tradition. They are wonderful locations to stay and provide a private and relaxed environment.

2. Marrakech Souks:

The souks of Marrakesh provide a mind-boggling shopping experience. There are five primary souks in the city, each dedicated to a certain commodity. There’s one for carpets and another for babouches, or traditional Moroccan leather slippers; note that the bright yellow ones are for males. A third focuses on metallurgy, while a fourth sells a wide variety of spices. Although the Mellah, or Jewish Quarter, isn’t really a souk, it is a fantastic location to shop for fabrics, trimmings, and supplies. Haggling is expected, therefore customers should set their first price at half of what the seller is asking.

1.Djemaa el Fna:

The Djemaa el Fna, located in the medina, is the city’s main plaza and the city’s most famous tourist destination, and the top Marrakech must see place for sure. It also serves as a bazaar, where visitors may purchase orange juice or see a snake charmer perform. The snake charmers are replaced by traditional dancers and magicians as the day progresses, and the food vendors are replaced by food stalls. On one side, there is a souk selling everyday essentials, while on the other, there are hotels. The vibrant market square was featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Man Who Knew Too Much, so it may be recognizable to moviegoers.

And with that ends our list of the top 10 Marrakech must see places, we post more and more content about travelling and visiting Morocco generally on our Blog, we wish you a happy travel.



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