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Accommodation in Morocco

Selecting accommodation for a stay in Morocco can be a little confusing
if it is your first time – you can feel overwhelmed by a choice of
riads, ryads, hotels, maisons d’hote, kasbhas… and a few other
categories as well! Here is a quick summary of the different type of
accommodation in Morocco to help .

Hotels :

The other main category of hotels in Morocco really
covers all other type of accommodation than riads, from large modern
hotel chains to smaller private hotels. On our website you will however
only find a selection of privately owned hotels, those which we believes
offers an authentic experience, high standards and value for money. And
we believe we have listed a choice of hotels for all budgets and tastes
of our users .

Riads :

Riads (also ryads) are former private houses of the
wealthy that have been converted into small hotels with some very
specific and attractive common features. Indeed, the abundance of riads
in Morocco goes some way to explaining the popularity of Morocco as a
destination for culture, relaxation and style Accommodation in Morocco.

Firstly, riads are small in scale (Riads typically have between 4 and
10 rooms) and are built around a central internal garden or courtyard,
which provides a shady refuge from the sun and a place to enjoy nature,
and peace from the outside world. Peace and quiet is important to the
design of riads as many are located in the central, ancient part of the
cities, particularly the medinas.Perfect for guests wanting to relax but
be walk able to the main sites. Riads also offer guests a highly
authentic and intimate Moroccan experience, and without all the usual
facilities, hurry, and 24/7 services of hotels. Instead they are usually
run by a small house-keeping team under the supervision of a manager or
the owner, who together will provide guidance and service whenever they
can, as well as a friendly familiar face to return to after a day
exploring the city.

it is also worth adding that the trend towards boutique hotels in the
UK and Europe has had a clear impact on many riads in Morocco who have
reinvented themselves (often very successfully) to offer an experience
which combines their tradition with a more luxury and design led style.
Many of these are listed on Morocco Gateway.

Kasbahs :

A Kasbah is a fortress or medina that was used as a
secure location to withdraw to when the main town was under siege. They
would often be located on high ground for better defense and view – this
of course makes them spectacular locations for hotels .

Villas :

Luxurious detached country houses complete with large gardens and a good-sized pool .

Auberges :

Auberge (Guest House) meaning Inn or lodge, these are small rural, simple hotels sometimes referred to as a Gite .

Berber Houses :

Simple village dwellings inhabited by Berber families,
mainly in the Atlas Mountains. They are often used for overnight stays
during a walking, mule or horse trek. The resident Berber families will
be your hosts, supplying your shelter and the evening meal .

Permanent Camps with Tented accommodation :
Mainly in the desert, these camps usually have
traditional Berber or Nomadic Bedouin tents or ‘bivouacs‘ , made from
hand woven wool.

Some have fixed walls with tented ceilings. All have at least shared
toilet facilities, but many are en-suite. They are usually used for an
overnight stay after a camel trek, but some can be reached by 4×4
vehicle for those not wanting to ride a camel first .

Igloo Tent : Used for walking treks during the summer months ..
Caidal tents : A large traditional tent which is carpeted
and draped inside with Colorful silk panels, used for the more luxurious
Land cruiser safaris .