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From our Moroccotraveland, Fes tours, our private and group trips are very popular. To what it comes to the big main cities of Morocco where people fly to. We are talking about the two cultural cities of Fes and Marrakech. Therefore, our tour organizer team “MTL” has planned many programs from some previous clients suggessions. If you are looking to organize a tour program to many different cities just feel free to contact us.

From our Desert tours from Fes are available for families, couples and small groups. Even though, we can customize a private solo trips.

From our private and group Desert tours from Fes to Merzouga:


From our tours that start from Fes, we can offer a full day visit in the city before you begin your desert tour. In the city of Fes, there are various beautiful attractions. It is considered as the country’s cultural city for many reasons. In addition to that, it is one of Morocco’s capital cities in the past.

When you are booking one of our tours from Fes, you will visit the main attractions that i will mention below :

Chouara Tanneries: one of the most famous tanneries in the area in Fes, it is also the biggest in this cultural city of Fes. They have started operating it since the early 17th century, and they renew it in 2016 to look more fancy again. Once you get there, the perfect spot to have a great view is from those balconies that surrounds the area. Not to forget, you have to try to go there in the morning when the dry holes are washed and colored. To make that, you need to choose a great leather boutique’s terrace. Normally tourists choose the number 10 or 65 of the routes. Because there are couple salesmen in the right place, if you are not interesting in buying you can just ignore them. In every market of Morocco, you need to negotiate to have what you need with a good lower price.

Madrasa Bou Iinania: Madrasa means in Fes the Quranic school, and the name is  refered to Faris ibn Ali Abu Iinan al-Mutawakkil, it shows the Moroccan ancient architecture. If you want to enter this Madrasa, you must either take Talaa Seghira route or Talaa Lekbira. On the other side of it, there is what is it called, Dar Al Magana (the house of the clock). A very fancy mosque from there you can see as well the ancient Moroccan architecture. Many people say it is created by the same person who built the Madrasa.

P.S !! these are some of the main interesting attractions in the city of Fes. If you want more info please don’t hesitate in contacting us via our e-mail.

Our tours from Fes you will visit Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen or as Moroccans call it the blue pearl city is a very beautiful city in the north of Morocco. It attracts a lot of tourists with its blue painted walls and majestic enormous mountains.

It is very known for its water springs, shops, and more lovely sightseeings.

When you choose our tours from Fes, 2 days to Chefchaouen, you will be visiting the main attractions that you will find below :

The old city or old Medina: to what it comes to shopping, Chefchaouen has different things to offer. After visiting its beautiful colorful streets with blue and white and multi colors of the vases, most tourists would think about getting souvenirs. Its markets are totally different from the Moroccan big cities like Marrakech , Fes and Casablanca. It is known by its relaxing chilling atmospher and not very crowded streets. In addition, this city is popular for its leather products like shoes to cosmetics.

Akchour Waterfalls: After visiting the gorgeous Chefchaouen, there is a outstanding spot nearby called Akchour. 70 min driving from the center of the city of Chefchaouen, the waterfalls of Akchour are the most visited of all time by the tourists and moroccans.

The Kasbah museum: In the city center of the Chefchaouen tourists adore the gardens. There is the Kasbah Museum. A beautiful place with the art gallery. You can have a visit there if you are interested to discover the culture and history of this beautiful town.

Plaza Uta el-Hammam: like any Moroccan city has a square. In the center of Chaouen lies the Uta el-Hammam, that is a great place with a chilling atmospher. Moreover, if you are want to try some street delicious food that is the right place for you.

From our Morocco desert tours from Fes you will visit Ifrane :

From choosing one of our desert tours from Fesgroup or private ones, you will visit the city of Ifrane. In the start you will leave Fes through the middle Atlas mountains to go to Ifrane. It is considered as the finest city in Morocco/Africa and the 8th worldwide. The touristic attraction there is what is it called the city garden. A beautiful green park with a statue of a lion, it was sculptured after the second world war by a german soldier who was prisoner by the French army. Ifrane was in the past a basecamp for soldiers, not to forget the statue of the lion was carved by the german soldier to earn his freedom.

Not to forget, Ifrane has got one of the biggest expensive universities in Africa where there are external students from other countries, the university’s name is Al-Akhawayn which means the brother’s university. It is located right at the front of our king’s palace.

Another thing you would love to do is the activity of skiing. Ifrane is considered as the coldest snowy city in Morocco, it snows a lot in the months of winter season. In addition, there are many ski clubs that can get you an unforgettable experience.

From our desert tours from Fes, group and privvate ones will make you to visit Ziz Valley :

Morocco has several gorgeous different valleys to discover, one of them is the valley of Ziz. After selecting one of our Fes desert tours, you will be visiting Ifrane and cross by the High Atlas mountains to reach the Ziz valley. It is one of the big dates sources in Morocco, the lenght is about 50km to the geological city of Erfoud. Many tourists consider visiting this place for photography proposes because it a huge and large oasis.

For more information, try to choose and book one of our Desert tours from Fes, private or group ones by contacting us.

To Erfoud with our private desert tours from Fes:

With our Fes desert tours to Merzouga will take you to visit many attractions, one of them, is the city of Erfoud. About 30 mins to go the Sahara desert of Merzouga. Erfoud is known as the geological city of fossils, grab the attention of many Archeologists to discover its hidden gems inside huge rocks. Scientisit and geologists claimed that million years ago, there was the sea instead of the desertation starting from Erfoud all the way to Merzouga and the nearby villages. That shows why this city has many fossils also they can be found in the heart of the mountains surrounding the city of Erfoud.

If you are curious to see how they carve on the fossils, there are many cooperatives for stone extracters specialists and the main famous cooperative is called ALMOURABIT. From the last week of October, the citizens organize a dates festival to celebrate the seasons of the dates.

Note !! In Morocco we have more than 172 different types of dates and the famous 2 types of dates are called Majhoul and Feggouss.

Camping and camel riding with our Fes desert tours:

Camping in Merzouga and camel riding are the main highlights of our Morocco private, group and solo trip desert tours from Fes. After discovering all the main attractions from Ifrane to Erfoud, it will take us 40 minutes to arrive at the Erg Chebbi sahara desert sand dunes. One of Morocco’s ergs, it is golden large sand dunes that reach an altitude of 250m it is visitors favorite lovely panoramic spot for the area also the lake of flamingoes.

Once we will arrive to Merzouga you will be welcomed by the staff with a cup of mint tea to refresh. Later on, you will be taken to the place where you will ride the camels.

The camel leader will take you for about 90 minutes in the heart of sand dunes, until you arrive at your luxury camp. Before that, you will enjoy the magical view of the sunset at one of the big large and tall sand dunes.

When you will arrive at the camp, you will have the opportunity to try some activities such as  Sand-boarding and Quad biking and playing cards around the fire place with some music played by the staff of the camp.

From Fes to Merzouga sahara desert with full day trip discovery :

On our next day in sahara desert, most people try to do a desert discovery full day trip. In other word, we make a 4×4 trip to discover Merzouga’s great attractions.

First, you will visit the oasis of Hassi Labied, different agricultural lands that is close to the sand dunes. Hassi Labied’s people use underground water canals to water their lands.

Second, you will be visiting the Morocco’s National Auto Museum, it is owned by an Emirates rich prince. You will visit the area and move to AL-Khamlia village.

When we will arrive at the village AL-Khamlia, you will see the Touareg people, they have immigrated from countries such as Gabon and Southern Mali…

After the show of their traditional typical music, you will go to the M’Ifiss place, where mines of Kohl (mascara) and Baryte rocks exist. In addition to that, it was owned by the French colonization in the 19th century.

After, you will continue driving to visit the nomads. These people live in simple tents made from camel leather. Furthermore, every family has their own herd that one member of the family takes care of, when you will arrive there you will see their women make special carpets, where they cook their food and so many interesting things that will surprise you.

After visiting the Berber nomads, you will continue to drive to visit the famous panoramic spot in the area. You will be able to take some pictures of the other side of the sand dunes and get back to AL-Khamlia village for lunch.

These are the most places of Merzouga when are booking our private or group desert tours from Fes.

Trekking with camels in Erg Chebbi sahara desert:

As we mentioned above, most tourists choose to do camel riding instead of using the 4×4 to discover Merzouga’s most attractions. Therefore, from our private and group Fes desert tours, we propose one full day camel ride that begins from the camp or the hotel.

First, you will ride the camels heading to visit all what i have mentioned above with the 4x4WD tour. Later, you will be visiting the popular Moroccan Berber man called Bagira or the Berber pizza maker at ZAFFA Restaurant. On the way, your camel man will make sure to take stops time to time for some panoramic views.

When you will arrive, you will discover how the Berber pizza is made, you will have tea and enjoy the tasty delicious lunch with Erg Chebbi sand dunes’ views.

To conclude, you will have a ride with your camels in the same way back to the hotel in Merzouga or you can stay at the camp.

The irrigation water system close to Fezna:

Moroccan Berber people lived in the past as tribe moving nomads, to water their agricultural lands, they have digged underground water canals. Further, after discovering Erfoud back from Merzouga, close to Fezna town, there is a big large area of underground irrigation water system. In other words, there are many wells of water that are connected through canals. In the summertime,  we can tell that all of them get dry by the hot weather also by the new pumper gasoline machines. Fezna’s people are known as dates lovers, they love to grow palm trees everywhere on their terretories, that is the only reason they dig those wells and connect them.

What you will visit when you get there is how deep the wells are. Not to forget, they will try to show you how they get the water for their herd.

From our private, group and solo trips from Fes desert tours, you will visit Todgha Gorges:

Morocco is very popular for its fascinating Gorges, the two main ones in the center of the country are, Dades and Todgha Gorges.

After visiting such beautiful irrigation canal water systems in Fezna, you will move to Tinghir city. They name it because of the valley of Todgha, one of the big sources of dates in Morocco. First, you will enjoy the panoramic views and then walk inside the canyons.

Todgha is a place for family picnics, climbing. Besides, it has a beautiful underground river that the main source is from the snowy mountains. Furthermore, the nomads of the area bring their donkeys to carry the loaded water from there by filling the 5L-20L big bottles.

The roads inside the gorges takes you to the area that lead to different rural tiny Berberic villages for people that are curious to see more hidden cristals in the High Atlas mountains.

If you are interesting in climbing and want to try it contact us, or book one of our private, group, desert tours from Fes to Tinghir.

Visiting Kalaat Maggouna, the Roses valley from our Fes Morocco tours:

After discovering  Boumalne Dades, the road to Ouarzazate is via the Roses valley or Kalaat Maggouna. A small town that is famous for the valley called the Roses valley.

The economy of this town is based only from small rose water cooperatives that are located in the center of the city. Its name related to M’egoun which is the hill that is located outside of the city.

Moreover, each year in May, they organize a Festival for roses and the same time they make Miss Maggouna contest by her beauty and traditional dress.

With our Fes desert tours our guides can show you to the best cooperatives if you are interesting to get to know how they produce the roses products.

Tours from Fes to visit Ouarzazate:

After visiting the Kasbah in Skoura, we drive to Ouarzazate or Ouallywood of Morocco, this is where the road of the hundreds Kasbahs starts more to the south.

Ouarzazate got one of the largest Kasbahs in Morocco called the Kasbah of Taourirt. It is in the city center.

It was built by Thami El Glaoui during the early 19th century, people see it as a maze because it contains nearly 300 room, its walls are built out of mud and bamboo and it reflects the Moroccan old architecture design.

The second part to visit in Ouarzazate is the big Atlas studios, built at the 20th century, a place to be a part of many movies and series. For example, Gladiator and Games of Thrones and more.

Finally, if you are a Studios lover, you can stay in their hotel, they have a collection of those old movies and series to watch.

From Fes to Ait Benhaddou Kasbah and village:

From our Fes desert tours can make you to visit different Kasbahs, Ait Benhaddou is the largest and the oldest in Morocco. In addition, historians say that it was there since the 11th century during the presence of the Glaoua family.

Ait Benhaddou is the builder of the Kasbah, people claimed that he is buried behind the village of Ait Ben Haddou.

When you arrive there, you will be amazed by the Ounila valley, it has around 50km more or less in length.

To walk all the way to the top you will use the stairs as it is the only way to go to the top of the Kasbah. On the way, you will see how they paint the paintings using the old method (mixing green tea and safran with sugar then try to burn the paper above the fire).

The Kasbah is a movie and serie studio. In addition, they shoot various famous Hollywood movies there for example the Gladiator. Also, the British series Game of Thrones.

From the top, you can enjoy the spectacular synagogue of Jews also the valley of Ounila.

Luckily, we organize excursions and trips from Marrakech to Ait BenHaddou for people that are interesting to know more about this historical area.

Our desert tours from Fes to visit Marrakech city:

There are 2 way to visit Marrakech with our travel agency Moroccotraveland and desert tours from Fes that ends in Marrakech.

After visiting all the interesting parts on the way from Fes, our tours mostly end up with a visit in the city of Marrakech. The red city has a lot to visit from Gardens and squares also mosques.

First, our guide will take you to see the Bahia palace or the Palace’s gardens. It was built late in the early 19th century and its name means in arabic brilliance. Additionally, it is like a big set for gardens.

Second, we will take you to visit the famous Majorelle garden, situated next to the French museum. The creator Jack Majorelle took him fourty years to build all that garden. To enter, you need to pay the entrance fees, but it does really worth it.

Third, we will visit the Koutoubia mosque the tallest in Marrakech and the Menara gardens.

Finally, you will have free time to walk around the big square of Jamaa Lafna and admire the night active life with dancers and story tellers and many things.

From Fes to exploring Meknes’s sightseeings:

Meknes is not really far from the cultural city of Fes only 55km. Therefore, from our trips from Fes, we organize a visit to this city with a local guide who will show you around with its all dimensions.

First, your guide will take you to visit the large gate of Bab El Mansour, one of the largest gates in Morocco. It is right in the front side of Lehdim square, one of the main famous squares in Morocco. The gate was built officialy Moulay Ismail. Not to forget, it is the UNESCO world heritage site.

The second thing you will explore is Lhri Souani, a place where they kept wheat grain and cereals.

Third, you will go to visit Volibilus or what we call the Roman ruins, a special historical place outside of Meknes, it is a world heritage site for the UNESCO founded in the 3rd B.C.

Finally, you will need to visit the prison of Kara, the only complicated prison under the ground that has no door in Morocco only one hole where they put prisoners and food. Hundreds of people entered it and no one has been able to leave of find the way out because it is like complicate maze. It was built since the 18th century during the Era of Moulay Ismail the ruler of Morocco at that time.

Is there a train from Fes to Marrakech?

yes there is a train from Fes to Marrakech, there is a train probably each hour during all days.

How many days do you need in Fez?

Travelers who want to visit Fes City, typically plan a trip for 5 to 7 days that also includes Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Merzouga, and Ouarzazate.

How to go to Chefchaouen from Fes?

There are 3 ways to get from Fes to Chefchaouen by car, taxi or bus.

How far from Fes is the desert?

The distance from Fes to desert is 463 Km (287 miles). However, the journey is full of stunning views and various stops.

What tours in Fez are good for avoiding crowds?

Head to desert with 3 days tours, Day trips to Meknes, Volubilis or Chefchaouen.

Which experiences are best for tours in Fes?

You will be lucky because Fes is near by Meknes, volubilis and Chefchaouen for a day trip. Desert sahara tours can be done from Fes

What are the best day trips and excursions from Fes?

Meknes, Azrou, Ifrane, volubilis or Chefchaouen will be a nice choice.

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