weather forecast casablanca next 10 days

Casablanca weather is nearly similar to Los Angeles coastal city. It has also hot summer Mediterranean climate with a highest marked temperature of 40.5 °C and lowest one of −2.7 °C. In addition, mean sea temperature of Casablanca are often ranked from 17.5 °C ( between January and April) to 18.5 °C ( In May and December) and 20.5 °C &  23.3 °C (between June and November).

 weather forecast casablanca next 10 days

Taking a deep look at weather forecast casablanca next 10 days, we can clearly predict that it will be mostly sunny over the whole week and partly cloudy on Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday. The highest temperature will be 24°C (75 °F) on Saturday. In the second week, the minimum temperature will be 16°C (61 °F) on Monday.

Checking the national weather service, satellite images, along with the world weather radar, Morocco weather forecaster is reporting no rainfall over the next 10 days. If you are determining to visit Casablanca, Morocco. Especially,  over the next 10 days, you will be lucky to enjoy the sunny clear weather.

weather forecast casablanca next 10 days will experience a descending temperature from Sunday. But, it will still be sunny with a clear sky and a gentle breeze. Nights will be mostly clear. Winds will be from the NNE 9 km/h at the beginning of the week to NNE 17km/h on Friday.

The windiest of all days of weather forecast casablanca next 10 days will be Wednesday. Where winds will reach 18Km/h at night and 22km/h during the whole day.

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