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Fes is a small town with a rich history, with stunning architecture and magnificent sights, with a distinctive gastronomy with an unrivaled menu of Moroccan, French and Spanish cuisine. If you want to try all the delicious dishes and good places to eat in fez , here are the top ten local restaurants to start with Learn about the best restaurants in fes.

Best Fez’s Places to Eat in


Located within the Palais Faraj Suites & Spa, this hotel in Fes, this one of the best places to eat in fez restaurant overlooks the medieval houses surrounding the famous Chora. It will be the best time to go early in the evening, to enjoy the possibility of watching the sunset over the city of Fez, while enjoying a delicious dinner among the various menu dishes, including soup, tagine, couscous, pastilla, with desserts and much more.


This restaurant is a hidden treasure worth a visit in Fes.It has a beautiful decor and design with a beautiful garden.Whether you decide to sit inside the stunning living room or outside in the picturesque garden between the sounds of birds and the water fountain, you can enjoy healthy and delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dishes in this restaurant range from traditional Moroccan tagine to Mediterranean salads, both incredibly good, and being a popular restaurant among visitors, so be sure to reserve a table in advance.

Darori Resto

Darori Resto is one of the best local restaurants in Fez, located in an old house in the heart of the city with an indoor garden and a stained glass roof. Perhaps what distinguishes this restaurant is that everything here is 100% Moroccan, including decoration, home, dining, staff -Kitchen with fresh local produce and lots of authentic Moroccan spices as much as possible.


This modern café is perfect for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, so if you want a place that feels like visiting at home after a long day of sightseeing, Café Clock is the place to go, enjoying a varied menu of great cuisine, low prices and fine services.

Here you can enjoy burgers, chips, salads, delicious fresh juices, stunning desserts and much more, including free Wi-Fi and live bands in the evening to enjoy a cocktail.

 Riad Andalib .. best local restaurants in Fez

This restaurant is located inside the beautiful Riad Andalib, and definitely worth a visit thanks to its delicious food, with traditional Moroccan decor, including carpets, sofas, dishes and, most importantly, traditional Moroccan dishes, topped by the chicken tagine, which is served with A selection of fresh spices in an authentic Arabian setting.


Located in the heart of the city, this magnificent small restaurant is truly an oasis amongst the busy streets, including decor, proper music and opportunities to enjoy Moroccan Tajine and fresh mint tea in a relaxed atmosphere among the many ceiling chandeliers hanging out from the ceiling and the lounge area with large pillows.


Riad Yamanda is a typical Moroccan restaurant, where you can enjoy dinner cooked by a local Moroccan woman with years of experience. Here they serve authentic Moroccan food from chicken pastel to couscous and tagine, and everything is prepared with care.

Between traditional Moroccan furniture and music, the best place to enjoy your meals is on the terrace, where you will enjoy a beautiful view amid the cool breeze.

 Star of Souafin best local restaurants in Fez

Enjoy the splendor of contemporary traditions at the elegant Swaven Star Restaurant, which features innovative choices based on fresh ingredients.

Located in Fès in the Ziat district, Star of Souafine features Mediterranean and Moroccan options, while the restaurant pioneers sit on a shady terrace.

While the restaurant serves as a romantic location for some of the restaurant’s patrons, families with children are also welcome, at the top of the restaurant there is an expansive terrace to sit outside.

The restaurant remains open for lunch, dinner and meals until late at night.

Haj mamou .. best restaurants in Fes

Since 1941, Haj Mamo has been making and delivering the best juices and milkshakes within the walls of Fez. Every time he receives you with his beautiful smile, he proudly displays the images of the three kings he lived and worked under, in the main wall of his shop.

Haj Mamo has been a hallmark of Boutouil Street, near the famous Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, where fresh natural sweets from Haj Mamo, fruit juices and milkshakes include flavors like almonds, raisins, bananas and avocados.

Haj Mamo offers some traditional Moroccan pastries and pastries to accompany your drink. While you are waiting for your drink, Haji Mamo usually offers you a sample of other drinks he prepares, or a selection of delicious desserts in Fez such as Kaab Ghazal, a cake filled with almonds.

 If you find yourself near the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss the next time you visit Fez, stop at El Hadj Mamou for some of the best desserts in Fes, and some of the best natural juices offered by this imperial city.


Located in Riad Fes, L’Ambre Restaurant is a modern 5-star Moroccan hotel in the medina.It offers a gourmet experience and fine cuisine from Moroccan cuisine with exquisite designs and sophisticated décor, knowing that the prices of this hotel are fairly high.

 Palace of Fez Dar Tazi .. best local restaurants in Fez

Palais De Fes offers authentic Moroccan cuisine, which is among the best in Fes, especially since the restaurant terrace is located in the heart of the city.It offers stunning views of the winding streets, along with a varied menu of authentic Moroccan dishes that satisfy all visitors’ tastes and desires.

Here is our tour of the best restaurants in Fes to suit all types of visitors and their different tastes, so do not miss the experience of delicious Moroccan dishes in this charming city that will not forget.