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Conditions of travel to Morocco 2022 restrictions & requirements

Last updated 15 February 2022

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If you’re thinking about traveling to Morocco and you want to see the travel procedures and whether the border is open, here’s all you want to know in this BLOG POSTE.

Content List:

  • Reopening Moroccan airspace
  • What are the requirements for entering Morocco today?
  • What actions are being taken in the case of positive situations?
  • What are Morocco’s conditions of entry for children?
  • Conditions of travel from Morocco
  • Internal restrictions in Morocco
  • Morocco visa 2022
  • Moroccan Visa Tourist Documents
  • A. Documents requested at the submission time of Moroccan visa tourist application
  • B. Documents required at the time of issuance of the visa
  • Reopening Moroccan airspace

Morocco reopened the country’s airspace to international flights on February 7, 2022, after its closure since the end of November 2021 to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

What are the requirements for entering Morocco today?

Passengers travelling to Morocco must show the vaccination and test results of the negative polymerase chain reaction less than 48 hours before boarding the aircraft.

It should be noted that all vaccination permits issued by other States are acceptable as long as they are valid in the country where they were issued.

Prior to boarding, passengers must submit a duly completed health form containing the passenger address and two telephone numbers to locate them during their stay.

When they arrive at the airports, they will be tested quickly. Random polymerase reaction (PCR) tests will be performed for several groups of passengers and the results will be reported at a later date.

Within 48 hours of entering the state, some passengers will be required to take an additional test at the hotel or residence centre.

If the tests are positive, other preventive measures will be implemented.

What actions are being taken in the case of positive situations?

There are two types of positive situations: normal situations and difficult and critical situations. Persons found injured after arrival with normal symptoms are required to be quarantined at their place of residence with careful follow-up. Intractable cases are transferred directly to specialized hospitals for treatment.

What are Morocco’s conditions of entry for children?
There are no entry requirements for children under 6 years of age. For children between the ages of 6 and 18, the only requirement is a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours, plus a rapid antigen test on arrival.

For children under 12, there are no exit requirements. For children aged 12 to 18, a vaccination card is required. Over the age of 18, they have to refer to the specific protocol for adults.

Conditions of travel from Morocco

The Health Protocol provides that the vaccine confirming the receipt of the third dose, the vaccine confirming the receipt of the second dose or the single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shall be permitted for a period not exceeding 4 months.

Passengers vaccinated with the second or only dose of Johnson’s vaccine for more than 4 months and infected with Corona within a period of less than 28 days must, in addition to being vaccinated, have the result of a PCR test or rapid-onset test, prove that the person was ill, as well as a medical certificate of recovery or a negative test.

Internal restrictions in Morocco


Cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are open while respecting some health procedures. You should always wear your mask at the entrance and every time you travel. At the entrance, your temperature is checked, and you’re invited to clear your hands. To ensure the safety of all customers, the entry and exit routes are separated.

Beaches, resorts and health centers

Private bathing facilities are open (bathrooms, gyms, covered pool). The public health protocol is followed, the body temperature is checked at the entrance and hand purification is required. In the case of health centers, entry and exit routes are separated. It is recommended that social distance be respected, and the wearing of masks is compulsory in common areas. In order to fully enjoy these activities, it is recommended to follow all the guidelines mentioned in the reception area of these institutions and to inquire in advance by telephone. Public beaches are open.

Hotels and accommodation facilities

The reservation is compulsory for the full enjoyment of your stay in hotels, resorts, Riyadh and all classified accommodation structures. In order to ensure the health and safety of all passengers, the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy is granted the “Welcome to Safety” certificate, which marks the compliance of these tourist accommodation institutions with the control protocols of the Covid- 19 of Morocco.

Museums and cultural sites

Museums and cultural spaces are currently open. The temperature will be checked, followed by hand purification. Given the separation of entry and exit routes, the safety distance must be respected in case of waiting. Within these institutions, it’s best to avoid touching objects and following the methods indicated. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

Cinemas and theaters

Cinemas and theaters are open. All arrangements will be made to protect your health and safety: a designated and pointed route, temperature reading at the entrance, hand clearing and numbered and separated seats to maintain a safe distance. It should be noted that wearing a mask is mandatory to attend performances in cinemas and theatres.

Natural parks, green spaces and playgrounds
In playgrounds, green spaces and public parks, it is recommended that your hands be cleaned regularly. Wearing a mask is mandatory. A physical distance of at least one meter is recommended. In private places, reading the temperature and clearing the hands is mandatory at the entrance, as well as wearing a mask.

Shops and commercial activities

In shops, boutiques, shopping malls and local stores, it’s necessary to wear your mask to protect yourself and others. Attention is drawn to the fact that at the entrance to each store, disinfectants are available to customers, as well as thermal scanners to examine body temperature. As the number of customers is limited in these areas, it is necessary to respect the safety distance on the waiting list.

Means of transport

For free movement in Morocco, there are many means of transport: Taxis, buses, tram cars, trains, buses and car rentals. To ensure your safety in public transport, it is necessary to wear a mask, keep a safe distance from other passengers, and sit in seats reserved for public transport. If you decide to travel by car, wearing a mask is mandatory if you’re not alone.

Morocco visa 2022

In the hope that the Corona crisis (Cofid 1999) will come to an end and that travels between countries will return more freely, many people from Arab or non-Arab countries would like to visit Morocco for tourism, visit relatives, study or work. We’ll keep you informed of the documents and documents you have to submit in your application so you can obtain a Moroccan visa.

Visa Morocco Tourist Documents

At the time of application, the person concerned will have to submit some documents, as well as some additional documents after the issuance of the visa:

A. Documents requested at the time of submission of the Moroccan Tourism Visa application
  • The Visa Morocco application form is packaged and signed by the applicant with the Visa Morocco application form 2021
  • Two modern photographic images in color and with a white background of 3 x 4 centimeters in which the face features are clearly highlighted;
  • Identification card, residence card or document;
  • The passport is valid where the validity of the passport or travel document exceeds the required length of residence;
  • Photo of passport (page containing definition and validity);
  • Bank disclosure;
    the Family Bearing Document, certified in the case of a family visit, which contains a guarantee of medical expenses and the possibility of deportation;
  • Request from an approved travel agency, recommendation by the Ministry of Tourism or delegate of the Moroccan National Tourism Office
B. Documents required at the time of issuance of the visa
  • booking a hotel or providing a “payment voucher”;
  • Round trip ticket with confirmed booking;
  • Travel insurance certificate;
  • Payment of consular fees
  • But at this time, VisaHQ stops by giving a tourist visa because of the Corona pandemic, and in return you can take these additional steps.
  • Check the current validity of your passport and the availability of empty visa pages
  • Contact with Morocco’s nearest embassy or consulate
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive database of embassies and consulates to find the closest one.
  • When contacting the Embassy, confirm the required documents, the time taken to process the visa and whether the Consulate accepts