Casablanca is the most famous Moroccan city, and it’s also the biggest city. This coastal city has been throughout history a significant settlement. Casablanca is a Moroccan metropolis where over 6 million people live. It’s an essential city to Morocco and Moroccan culture.
Apart from that, Casablanca is a fun and rich city. As a traveler, you’ll probably land in the International Airport of Casablanca. And you shouldn’t miss exploring this metropolis before you head to the other cities and regions. Casablanca is an entertainingly loud city that assaults all the senses with its bombarding richness.
Here, we will explore the reasons to visit Casablanca. We will include the top attractions and things to do in Casablanca before you continue your trip somewhere else. Casablanca is a city that you shouldn’t overlook on your trip across Morocco. Here are the reasons to visit Casablanca

Admire the Magnitude of Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated modern spiritual buildings. Casablanca boasts one of the biggest mosques in the world. Built back in the 1990s, Hassan II Mosque was constructed on the edge of the coasts of Casablanca. Only top-quality materials were used to build this mosque. And only the masterful hands of the top artisans from all over the world contributed to the intricately decorated interior.

Hassan II Mosque stands tall everywhere you go in Casablanca. With its incredible minaret that’s over 200m tall, this gigantic place of worship is one of the most important spots in Casablanca that you should aim to visit for cool Instagram photos.

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Hassan 2 mosque in Casablanca

Taste International Cuisine in the Restaurants of Casablanca

You want a good reason to visit Casablanca. Casa, as the locals call it, is the perfect spot for a foodie because you can find everything you want from all over the world. You can have a Moroccan breakfast that includes Khlea meat and eggs with mint tea, olive oil, olives, harcha, and bread. For lunch, you can head to a European-style restaurant to enjoy French and Spanish cuisine. In the afternoon, you can grab something light on the stomach in a Lebanese eatery. And at night, you can enjoy Japanese or Chinese food.

There are many options for vegetarians, especially the Mediterranean restaurants that serve salads and organic meals. Seafood is found abundantly in Casablanca, so don’t miss out on it.

Enjoy the Vibrant Nightlife of the Bars and Clubs of Casa

Casablanca is home to many sophisticated bars and clubs where you can lose yourself to the music and make friendships with the locals. You can attend Jazz and piano bars if you’re into classy music. For electronic and dance junkies, there are plenty of choices

Dance to vibes of your favorite music genres while enjoying a fancy cocktail in the bars and clubs of Casablanca, especially the ones on the coasts. Casablanca is very similar to Miami in that regard.

The vibrant lifestyle is a good reason to visit Casablanca.

Admire the Art Deco Architecture

Art Deco is an architectural and aesthetic movement that started in early 20th century France. Casablanca, just like New York, is one of the Art Deco Cities that remind us of the glory of human civilization in the 20th century. But even though the architectural style is European, Casablanca has infused its unique touch to it and made it Moroccan.

During the French colonial times, Casablanca was built into the modern city we all know now. Many of those glorious Art Deco buildings around Place Mohammed V are now hotels and restaurants that still preserve that aesthetic quality of the early 20th century. Other buildings have only preserved their Art Deco carcass.

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hassan mosque in Casablanca

Stroll Along the lovely Corniche of Ain Diab

Corniche Ain Diab is one of Casablanca’s hotspots, where locals and tourists hang out and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll be presented with plenty of choices when it comes to dining along the Corniche. There are also some fancy hotels where you can stay for the night.

You can take a walk to the notorious Hassan II Mosque before you hit the bar of your hotel.

Experience the Casablanca Arts Scene

You want another good reason to visit Casablanca? Casa is an artistic city where tinder souls can find themselves in art. Many walls are filled with graffiti that local street artists have made. There are also plenty of museums and art galleries to visit in Casablanca, and you can always take a stroll down to the city center and perhaps find street musicians playing around in front of the public.

Many movies are also produced in Casablanca. It would be very great to watch a Moroccan movie like Zero or Casa Negra, which are both filmed in Casablanca, and actually visit some of the spots in the movies. We should also note that you can visit Rick’s Café in Casablanca, which is a replica of the famous Café that appeared in the movie Casablanca.

Enjoy Shopping in the Gigantic Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall is another architectural masterpiece that we have on our list. The award-winning mall is the largest shopping center in the whole African continent. It has the Guinness world record of the “The largest in-store shop facade”.

Morocco Mall presents millions of choices in front of you to shop from. It’s an amazing building where you can eat international and traditional food, attend live performances, and get good deals. There are plenty of luxurious boutiques for all of you fancy people who want to shop for Dior, Armani, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Diesel, Karen Millen, and so on.

Even more, there an amazing aquarium called Aquadream, where you can scuba dive to witness the over 40 species of fish.


Enjoy your trip to Morocco, and don’t forget to visit Casablanca. You know now all the good reasons to visit Casablanca. Find out which is the most tempting place for you in Casablanca and we can organize a trip from Casablanca that is tailor-made for you specifically. You can visit all the imperial cities and the desert of Morocco after exploring these fantastic places in Casablanca.

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