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Morocco is a country that is very accessible for tourists especially people who come from Europe and North America. And to travel there is very affordable and easy, as there are international airports in every major city. But that’s not a reason that explains “why visit Morocco?”

Situated in the north-western edge of Africa, Morocco enjoys a sort of richness that you can’t find anywhere. Nature wise, there are all kinds of natural landscapes that range from high, cold mountains to all-year-around sunny beaches. The richness of Morocco is also apparent in its people with their culture, customs, and history.

Morocco never fails to surprise its visitors with its richness.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why visit Morocco at least once in a lifetime.

Reasons to visit Morocco:

The Medinas :

A Medina is simply the old town of a certain city. For example, Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes are famous for their Medinas. They’re also, in some cases, considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

Let’s take Fes as an example. The Medina of Fes was built in the Middle Ages during the 7th century. And today, it still preserves some buildings from that era, which is fascinating. Also, this Medina is home to the oldest university in history the Qarawiyyin University, which still operates today. No wonder why millions of people visit Morocco and land in Fes alone.

Not to mention the Medina of Marrakech the Red City. This amazing place hosts the busiest square in Africa, Jamaa el Fna square. Marrakech, thanks to its incredible touristic services, fascinating hotels, and Medina was ranked the 9th on the top 25 destinations in the world, according to “Travelers Choice” in 2019.

The Moroccan medinas are a great place to take a glimpse at the raw Moroccan culture, which is a fun and diverse culture.

The Medinas are, also, the places where you can find Riads. The Riads are traditional Moroccan homes. They have an incredible architecture from the inside with a courtyard and a fountain; however, they have a dull look from the outside. Nowadays they make for such a great hotels and restaurants. The Riads offer a more intimate ambiance and a great sense of hospitality. Exploring the Medinas is a very valid reason to visit Morocco.

The imperial cities :

The imperial cities of Morocco are not only incredible because they have old Medinas. These cities, which are Fes, Marrakech, Rabat, and Meknes, have two parts; the old Medina that we’ve talked about above and the modern part.

When you visit the modern parts of Fes or Marrakech, you will find that there are restaurants that serve meals from all over the world, fancy bars and nightclubs where you can have fun and drink, five-star hotels, malls, modern architecture, cool boutiques…etc.

The local cuisine :

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of influences from all over the region. It’s mainly described as one of the Mediterranean cuisines, such as the cuisine of Italy, Greece, and Spain, etc. In fact, the use of ingredients is very similar, with an emphasis on cooking a lot with olive oil, which is a very healthy thing.

The famous traditional meals in Morocco such as the Tagine and Couscous are known for using many ingredients that include vegetables, spices, meat, olive oil, and grains, etc.  All of that combined makes every meal colorful, delicious, and nutritious. 

Another thing that Moroccan cuisine is famous for is serving tea of mint tea all the time. It’s not only because it’s delicious and sweet, but also due to its refreshing effect.  Morocco can be a little bit hot in the summer.

The local cuisine of Morocco is without a doubt a good reason why visit Morocco.

The rich souks, handicrafts, and works of artisans :

One just cannot simply leave Morocco without buying a souvenir that expresses the beauty and culture of Morocco. You just need to pay a visit to the Medina of Marrakech, Fes, or Meknes to understand. Once you’re in a Medina, where all of these bazaars that exhibit their cool artifacts, you will definitely find something that will attract your attention.

Morocco is a country where many artisans are capable of creating the most beautiful objects using simple stuff like leather, wood, or metal.

There are also some cool products that you cannot find anywhere else such as pure Argan oil, spices, and some herbs.  

You can also spot some guys who surround themselves with all of these animal skins, eggs, snakes, potions who just look amazing like a shaman or a wizard.  Although, it’s not advisable to buy any potions, just admiring these guys and taking pictures with them is a cool experience.

The Sahara desert :

If you need only one answer to the question “why visit Morocco?” a simple answer would be “visit the Sahara desert”. Tens of thousands of tourists every year go to Morocco for the sole reason of having a desert tour.

The reason why many people like to visit the Sahara in Morocco is that it’s very luxurious and exotic. Apart from the excellent hotels and Kasbahs everywhere, along with the amazing camel rides, there are camps in the middle of the desert where people hang out and enjoy spiritual music under the clear night sky. These camps offer an incredible experience that many people yearn for.

The whole ambiance of the Moroccan Sahara desert is full of spirituality and mysticism, especially when you gather around a campfire, dancing away to the Gnawa and Nomad music. Most people feel entranced and out of their bodies; it’s like a strong dose of Ecstasy, without any harmful chemicals whatsoever. 

The beaches :

Morocco is the perfect country to visit for sunbathing on a beach. The reason behind that statement is because some beaches in Morocco like in Agadir are always sunny no matter when you visit them. And they’re simply beautiful and fun. And of course, every surfer knows that they have to visit the beaches of Essaouira and Dakhla as a rite of passage. Not to mention the Mediterranean Sea beaches in the north of Morocco. These are perfect examples of great beaches.

The beaches in Morocco are great fun and one of the main reasons that attract people to Morocco.

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The mountains :

Morocco has four mountain ranges: the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the Anti Atlas, and the Rif. All of these cover two-thirds of Morocco, which is incredible.

Many people like to climb high mountains. That’s why they visit Morocco. It’s because it’s home to the highest mountain in North Africa and the Arab world, which is Mount Toubkal. This mountain is not as hard as the other high mountains in the world. But it’s still a good challenge for the beginners.

There also many cities that are surrounded by mountains, which the tourists love to visit, most notably Chefchaouen and Azrou. The Blue City Chefchaouen is found between the Rif Mountains. And as its name suggests it’s a blue historical city that everyone in the world loves to visit to take pictures. Azrou on the other hand has an incredible forest where monkeys live and it’s a great stop in the winter.

And for ski lovers, they can visit Ifran or Oukaimeden ski resorts during the winter when it snows. These two ski resorts are great during winter. More than that, Morocco isn’t a very cold country during winter, which makes it good for some people who can’t bear the extreme cold. And of course, the desert is only a few hundred kilometers away when you’re in Morocco.

The historical sites :

There are a number of historical sites in Morocco, which are purely amazing.

For example Volubilis there’s the old Roman archeological city, which is also a world heritage site by UNESCO. The latter city is close to Fes and Meknes, which are both very old cities; Fes was founded in the 7th century and Meknes in the 11th century by the Muslim dynasties.  

Some cities of the Atlantic coast were founded by the Phoenicians. For example, Tangier (Tengis) the oldest Moroccan city, founded in the 6th century BC; Essaouira (Mogador), which has also a history with the Portuguese; Larache (Lexus); Asilah (Zili); Rabat (Sala), and El Jadida (Mazagan). All of these cities are big now, but they still preserve their ancient history.

And of course, there are old Sahara settlements that are marked by their Kasbahs and Ksours like Ait Benhaddou. These were the homes of the Amazighs and their tribes. Other Amazighs lived and built their ancient towns in the Mountains.

Some cities like Casablanca on the other hand are an incredible testament of modern history. With its Art Deco buildings and its World War II involvement as an important spot, Casablanca expresses that era. 

There are many other examples of cool historical places that we have not mentioned because this topic needs an article on its own. However, these are some cool spots that totally justify why visit Morocco.

The culture :

Moroccan culture is a melting pot of various influences. Throughout history, Morocco has been home to many civilizations. Morocco has hosted many people starting from the Phoenicians, Amazighs, and the Romans to the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and then European and American people. All of these different cultures have left their mark on Morocco. These marks are apparent in architecture, clothes, food, artifacts, and Music, etc. Other forms of influence are less apparent; they are what considered covert culture, such as traditions and manners of behavior.

However, generally, Moroccan culture is best described as a Muslim/Arab/Amazigh since 99% of the population of Morocco is Arabs and Amazigh, and most Moroccans identify as Muslim or at least they say they believe that the Koran is the true word of God.

The people :

Another reason to visit Morocco is that this country is one of the most tolerant nations of the Arab world. Morocco is a relatively safe, peaceful, and stable country. Moroccan people, both Arabic and Berber (or other groups), are also extremely friendly, hospitable, and helpful even when you’re not offering anything in exchange. You just need to take a walk outside to discover that people are smiling at you and showing respect. And you won’t find a problem communicating with them. Most people in the cities are familiar with European languages. After all, Morocco was a French and Spanish colony. English is also widely used by the youth.

The range of accommodations :

Morocco is a country where everybody can go and save some money on their trip. Everything that is considered basic for a good trip, or at least just a decent one, is affordable to most people. The tours for example that cover everything on your trip to Morocco for example come at very reasonable prices. Hotels, Riads, Kasbahs, Restaurants, Bars, and so on are also very affordable if you’re just asking for the standard stuff. A person who can only afford 50-60$/£ a day can manage just fine. The affordability of Morocco is a major reason to visit Morocco, especially if you’re just a student or a minimum wage clerk who wants to have a great vacation without busting their bank account.

If you’re thinking about having a nice vacation and haven’t decided where to go yet, you should definitely consider Morocco. Your vacation will be rich, full of diversity and fun; your dopamine levels will be up in the sky levels all the time. From big and beautiful historical cities to the desert, mountains, and coasts Morocco is all the way amazing. Not to mention the nice people and the affordable prices.  That’s WHY VISIT MOROCCO.

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